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Sunrise Healthcare Technology Limited Technical Specification Sheet Latex Examination Gloves Lightweight and easy to wear while providing excellent protection Description The thin formulation of this non-sterile glove provides outstanding tactile sensitivity, dexterity, as well as exceptional comfort, fit, and feel Applications For non-sterile medical applications, glove changes must be frequent and fast. Excellent comfort and sensitivity Manufactured with a purpose-designed former. This means that all users experience a perfect fit. The latex formulation and optimised film thickness offer high levels of elasticity, flexibility, and sensitivity. Easy donning The polyacrylate coating applied on the internal surface provides fast and easy donning, ideal for those who must switch gloves often and quickly. High level of safety And low allergenicity Extensive leaching phases and post-production washing cycles make sure the glove has a very low residual protein content. This, along with the fact that it is powder-free, significantly reduces the risk of Type Iallergies. Furthermore, the low level of residual process chemicals and absence of thiurams minimise the risk of Type IV allergies. Intended Use Non-sterile, ambidextrous, single-use, medical examination gloves are intended to prevent transmission of a wide variety of diseases to both patients and health care personnel. Specifically, gloves are intended to act as a barrier between the health care provider and patients to prevent contamination between patient and caregiver. Properties Beaded Cuff for easy donning and prevention of rollback Excellent and tactile sense Textured for improved grip Low level of extractable proteins and chemical residue Food safe, suitable for handling all foodstuffs Factory Standard of AQL 1.5 for pinholes 17-K1, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Contact Number: +852 9229 3973 / +852 9162 2679 Email:

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Sunrise Healthcare Technology Limited Technical Specification Sheet Primary Industry Healthcare Medical Purpose/ Examination Industrial purpose/ PPE Laboratory Healthcare and nursing General housekeeping IT Industry Warning •No glove completely protects against all chemicals. Users should test the suitability of this product against the specific chemicals and environment where used." Specifications Type Powder-free Sterile & Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves Primary Material Natural Rubber Latex (NR) White, Pale Yellow Quality Standard Powder Free Residue Straight Finger, Beaded Cuff...

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