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Spot-Check Blood Pressure Monitor for Companion Animals

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SunTech Vet20 The portable SunTech® Vet20TM quickly and easily provides reliable blood pressure (BP) measurements on awake companion animals, ensuring a simpler assessment process for veterinarians and their staff members. Utilizing SunTech's trusted Advantage™ VET BP technology, the Vet20 quietly performs motion-tolerant, oscillometric BP measurements, delivering accurate results. The intuitive touch screen interface includes all of the necessary features for reviewing and analyzing BP data. Alarms can be silenced to avoid frightening the animal and saved measurement data is always...

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Technical Specifications The Vet20 Includes: • Protective Armour in Flamingo Pink, Peacock Blue, or Tree Frog Green Veterinary Blood Pressure Cuffs Sizes 1-6 General Specifications Systolic: Mean Arterial Pressure: 27 to 222 mmHg Heart Rate: Device Weight: 1.3 lbs (with battery), 590 grams (with battery) Accessories SunTech Vet20 Armour The removable protective armour is available in 3 colors and features a convenient handle. Flamingo Pink Peacock Blue Tree Frog Green AC Adapter While the portability of the battery-powered Vet20 is convenient, the AC Adapter accessory is a great power...

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SunTech Veterinary Cuffs Soft materials and rounded corners provide a gentle cuff solution. SunTech Medical BP cuffs are color-coded for quick size selection and range indicators ensure accurate cuff sizing and fit. Included with the Vet20 BP device are cuffs size 1 -6. SunTech Vet BP cuffs can be used with other veterinary BP monitors! Ask about our SunTech Vet Cuff Conversion Kit. SunTech Medical’The Difference in Clinical Grade™ With more than 30 years dedicated to developing our world-class blood pressure technology we are confident that we don't miss a beat - so you won't either. It's...

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SunTech Vet20 Part Numbers Vet20 System Monitors 99-0135-06 Vet20 Monitor, Flamingo Pink Armour 99-0135-07 Vet20 Monitor, Peacock Blue Armour 99-0135-12 Vet20 Monitor, Tree Frog Green Armour Cuffs 1-6 Pack of 6 Patient Hose, 4 ft (1.2 m) Patient Hose, 6 ft (1.8 m) Patient Hose, 10 ft (3 m) Range 3-6 cm Range 4-8 cm Range 6-11 cm Range 7-13 cm Range 8-15 cm Range 12-19 cm Range 17-25 cm Flamingo Pink Armour Peacock Blue Armour Tree Frog Green Armour AC Adapter Extended Warranty Program 83-0021-00 One Year Extended Warranty 83-0021-01 Three Years Extended Warranty Extended Warranty Terms and...

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