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Masterpiece™ non-stick Bipolare Pinzetten Bipolar Forceps

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Masterpiece™ non-stick The Masterpiece™ non-stick bipolar forceps were designed with precision and control in mind. I use the Masterpiece™ non-stick bipolar forceps for the precise coagulation of small-diameter vessels in narrow spaces. Fine tips, slim tines and easy rotation add to your skills and improve your performance even at targets far from the surface. The non-stick material reduces charring and sticking. S. Rosahl, MD, Erfurt (Germany) Masterpiece™ non-stick bipolar forceps vs conventional bipolar forceps Bipolar coagulation with Masterpiece™ non-stick bipolar forceps during...

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EU Flachstecker EU flat connector EU Flachstecker EU flat connector EU Flachstecker EU flat connector Gesamtlänge Total length Arbeitslänge Working length Gesamtlänge Total length Arbeitslänge Working length Gesamtlänge 26,0 cm (10,25“) Total length 26.0 cm (10.25“) Arbeitslänge 13,0 cm (5,0“) Working length 13.0 cm (5.0“) Sold through Sutter Exclusive Partners Masterpiece™ non-stick Bipolar Forceps Product availability is subject to regulatory approval in individual markets. Products may therefore not be available in all markets. Die Produktverfügbarkeit ist abhängig von regulatorischen...

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Generatorenstecker Generator connector Länge Length Sicherheitsstecker / EU Flachstecker Safety connector / EU flat connector Gewinkelter Stecker / EU Flachstecker Angled connector / EU flat connector Valleylab, Lamidey, EMC, Bowa Olympus, Söring, Coa Comp, Erbe VIO International CURIS®4 MHz Radiofrequenz-Generator CURIS®4 MHz radiofrequency generator Sutter BM-780 II, Martin, Berchtold, Aesculap Erbe, Storz, Wolf US Standard, Erbe ICC International Instrumententray ohne Inhalt Instrument tray without instruments 70 17 75-01 Für 1 Masterpiece™ non-stick mit EU Flachstecker For 1...

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