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MCR Series - 1

Voltage / Thermocouple Data Logger MCR Series Features and Specs Data Collection Measurement Items Thermocouple Voltage USB Connection SD Memory Card Data Access Warning Notification Measure and record up to four channels in One logger. By coupling four units together, it is possible to simultaneously record up to 16 channels. This multi-channel battery powered data logger has an SD memory card slot with auto transfer capabilities to ensure your data is not lost when internal memory becomes full. It also comes with a touch panel for easy operation. Common Features Up to 16 Channels of Simultaneous Recording Quick and Precise Voltage Measurement It is possible to couple up to four MCR-4V and MCR-4TC loggers together. Recording Setting Items (Recording Mode, Recording Method, Recording Interval, and Recording Channels), and the timing for Recording Start can all be synchronized. Data can also be downloaded all at once. MCR-4V features an ultra-quick 2msec recording interval a precise resolution of 10 μV. Preheat Function Save battery power and lengthen recording possibilities by using this function to supply power to the sensor only upon recording start. Electrical Isolation between Channels Channel isolation makes it possible to measure signals of different potentials. Operates on Just Two Batteries Scale Conversion / Unit Settings It operates on just 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Batteries can also provide backup power during a shortage. It is possible to change the input voltage for each channel to a record and display in a user desired scale and unit of measurement. Auto Data Export to SD Memory Card Logging Capacity of 480,000 Data Readings To prevent data loss upon reaching memory capacity it is possible to automatically export recorded data to an SD memory card. One logger can hold up to 480,000 readings using just 1 channel, up to 120,000 readings per channel using 4 channels. Touch Panel Operation Designed with an easy-to-use touch panel for changing settings and data display. Check Data in Real Time For K, J, T, S and R Type Thermocouple Sensors Trend Graph and Measurement Displays MCR-4TC This 4-channel thermocouple temperature data logger brings you a wide range of measurement and is compatible with a wide variety of thermocouple sensors. Easy Setup and Installation It is possible to remove the cover from the sensor and connect directly to the logger terminals. And because each channel as well as the USB is isolated it is okay to install without worrying about covering the point of measurement. Logging Capacity of 960,000 Data Readings One logger can hold up to 960,000 readings using just 1 channel, up to 240,000 readings per channel using 4 channels.

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MCR Series - 2

*1: When “Auto” is selected, measurement range will be automatically changed according to the voltage being measured. *2: MCR-4TC has superior noise filter, but the measurement may sometimes fluctuate due to strong noise. Especially when the recording interval is set to 200 ms or less, the filtering becomes weaker and hence the fluctuation may become greater. *3: If the logging capacity is not filled at the end of one recording session, the logger can record up to 30 times. *4: Group Recording may not be started depending on the recording or measurement interval specifications of the...

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