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RTR 500 - 2

Remote Unit (Data Logger) Measure / Record Temperature Pt100 / Pt1000 Thermocouple Humidity Voltage 4-20mA Pulse Illuminance UV CO2 Wireless Communication Base Unit Data Collection Portable Data Collector Wireless Base Station ecorded Data Collection via R Wireless Communication Warning Monitoring Function Monitoring Function Viewing Graph on Site Reading Data from a Graph and Spreadsheet Monitoring for Warning and Current Readings on PC

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RTR 500 - 3

Versatile Next Generation Design for Today The RTR-500 Series includes data loggers designed to measure and record a wide variety of items as well as a range of base stations to enable wireless collection of recorded data. The collected data can be easily accessed via PC, Cloud, and/or E-mail. Moreover, various functions, such as the monitoring of current readings and warning notification, make it a powerful data management system. Wireless LAN Access Point Cell Site • Measurement Upper/Lower Limit Exceeded • Low Battery on the Remote Unit • Sensor Connection Error on the Remote Unit

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RTR 500 - 4

Remote Units Wireless Data Logger Variety of Wireless Data Logger Selections to Temperature Temperature / Humidity RTR-501 / RTR-501L RTR-502 / RTR-502L RTR-503 / RTR-503L Measurement Range: -40 to 80°C Measurement Range: -60 to 155°C Measurement Range: Water Resistance: IP67 (Immersion Proof) Water Resistance: IP64 (splash proof / rated for use in Temperature: 0 to 55°C Temperature Sensor: Thermistor daily life) Humidity: 10 to 95 %RIH Attached Sensor:Attached Sensor: Temperature Sensor (TR-5106) Temperature / Humidity Sensor (TR-3310) RTR-505-V / RTR-505-VL RTR-505-mA / RTR-505-mAL...

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RTR 500 - 5

Temperature / Humidity Wd R™"Temperature - Thermocouple RTR-507S / RTR-507SL RTR-505-Pt / RTR-505-PtL RTR-505-TC / RTR-505-TCL Measurement Range: Temperature: -25 to 70°C Humidity: 0 to 99 %RH Attached Sensor: High Precision Temperature/Humidity Sensor (SHB-3101) Measurement Range: -199 to 600°C Attached Module: Input Module (PTM-3010) Sensor sold separately (For details about Pt sensors see the T&D Web Site) Measurement Range: K: -199 to 1370°C J : -199 to 1200°C T : -199 to 400°C S : -50 to 1760°C Attached Module: Input Module (TCM-3010) (Please purchase sensor separately) RTR-574 /...

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RTR 500 - 6

Base Unit equipped with Mobile Network Capabilities Mobile Base Station RTR-500MBS-A RTR-500MBS-A Increased communication speeds and lower monthly costs All data loggers in the RTR-500 Series are supported "Mobile" makes it possible to... Gather recorded data and monitor for warnings even in environments where network or PCs are not available. Check data from your smart phone or mobile device Get GPS location Info Number of Possible Registrations (One Base) Remote Units: Up to 20 (For RTR-574 and RTR-576, registration of one unit will be counted as two units.) Repeaters: Up to 5 units per...

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RTR 500 - 7

Easy Data Collection, Easy Graph Display, No Computer Necessary Base Unit □ From the RTR-500DC it is possible via wireless communication to make recording interval settings, and collect and save data. □ Includes a monitoring function whereby at a set interval the Collector communicates with data loggers and gathers current readings. □ An alarm buzzer sounds when a warning occurs. □ On the spot graphical viewing of recorded data. Number of Possible Registrations (One Base) Remote Units: Up to 32 units per Group (For RTR-505, RTR-574, and RTR-576, registration of one unit will be counted as...

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RTR 500 - 8

Remote Management via Network Network Base Station - RTR-500NW (for wired LAN) / RTR-500AW (for wireless LAN - 802.11 b/g) The system is designed to allow for the automatic sending of recorded data to an e-mail or FTP server without the need for a PC. Current readings can be monitored via in-company LAN. Registering with our "T&D WebStorage Service" makes it possible to view current readings on a PC or mobile device. The warning monitoring function with notification via e-mail or external contact ensures that important warnings are never missed by those nearby or far away. Being able to...

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RTR 500 - 9

Direct USB Connection to PC WirrtaTj 112h SlnUoi rth-sm r O Wireless Base Station - RTR-500 □ This system allows for the automatic collection of recorded data by simply connecting to a PC via USB. □ It is possible to check current readings and warning occurrences on the PC monitor or by e-mail. □ By using the supplied software, recorded data can easily be sent to an e-mail or FTP server. □ All Base Units can be set up to act as Repeaters. Number of Possible Registrations (One Base) Showcase Temperature Management View Current Readings and Monitor for Warnings via PC Mllll _ Send Warning...

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RTR 500 - 10

Empowering Auto-Monitoring Functions Never Miss Warning Notification System Variety of Warning Notifications provides Reliable Oversight Types of Warning Reports Network Communication Errors Warnings from Remote Units Warnings from Base Units Warnings from Remote Units Upper Limit / Lower Limit Exceeded Settings can be made in each Remote Unit for "Upper and/or Lower Limits" and well as for "Judgement Time". This ensures that every instantaneous exceeding is not counted as a warning. Sensor Error This type of notification helps prevent loss of measurements due to sensor disconnection,...

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RTR 500 - 11

Monitor Measurement Readings from Any Location Auto-Display of Current Readings at Set Interval Note: Software is available for download from T&D Website. Measurement readings can be monitored using the dedicated software installed on the PC. It is possible to view Current Readings on the LCD screen of the data collector. Via a Web Browser Access Anytime Anywhere http://www.webstorage-service.com/ "T&D Web Storage" is a free web-based storage service provided by T&D Corporation. By sending downloaded recorded data to "T&D Web Storage", it is possible to access your important data from...

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RTR 500 - 12

Measurement Range: -60 to 1558C, Sensor Temperature Durability: -70 to 1 808C Accuracy (TR-5620 excluded): Avg. ± 0.3°C at -20 to 80°C, Avg. ± 0.5°C at -40 to -20°C / 80 to 110°C, Avg. ± 1.0°C at -60 to -40°C / 110 to 155°C Materials: © Thermistor © Stainless Tube (SUS316) © FEP Shrink Tube © FEP Cable © Fluoropolymer Mold Fluoropolymer Coated Sensor TR-5101 Response Time (90%): Approx. 80 sec. (in air) TR-5106 Response Time (90%): Approx. 80 sec. (in air) Approx. 7 sec. (in agitated water) Stainless Protection Sensor TR-5220 Response Time (90%): Approx. 150 sec. (in air) Approx. 7 sec. (in...

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