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RTR-601 Series - 1

Wireless Core Temperature Data Logger RTR-601 Series Features and Specs Measurement Items Food Core Temperature Data Collection Data Access T&D WebStorage Service / Internet / Intranet Warning Notification This wireless core temperature data logger is an easy yet effective way to track temperature and ensure safety for foods and liquids. One press of the REC button logs all your measurement data: temperature, time of measurement, user, item, and judgment result. The recorded data can then be automatically collected and sent to an FTP server. (Currently only US/FCC model available) Record / Measure Wireless Communication Base Unit Auto-Download and Sending of Data One-Push Simple Recording Upper and Lower Limit Warnings One press of a button logs all your measurement data: temperature, time, user, item, and judgment result. If a measurement exceeds a set limit the red lamp will light up on the main unit. Waterproof and Oil Resistant Design Registration of Measurement Items and Users It is designed to be submersible with an IP68 rating and has a oil-tough construction. The supplied software makes it easy to register measurement items and users, as well as, create work groups. Two Types to Choose From Use with RTR-500 Series Data Loggers There are two types of temperature sensor: a straight rod type sensor (one-piece unit) and a cable-to-grip type sensor (easy to measure temperature in steam). Each type comes in two lengths: a shorter one with a sharp tip for stabbing food and a longer round tipped one. The RTR-601 can be used in conjunction with data loggers in the RTR-500 Series to create a management system for tracking overall temperature during all phases of food preparation; and all with just one Base Unit. Collect Data with RTR-500NW/500AW Recorded data can be periodically collected by an RTR500NW/500AW unit via wireless communication, and automatically sent to an e-mail or FTP server. It is also possible to manually download data directly to a PC. Specialized Non-Contact Charging System The separately sold battery charge dock (RTR-6BD) can simultaneously charge two units. At a full charge the units can run continuously for 24 hours. * For making settings USB communication can also be used. However, the battery cannot be charged by USB bus power. When using RTR-500NW/500AW as the Base Unit, data will be output in XML format to be sent to the designated FTP server. The specifications for XML are available free of charge so that you can create a system to meet your needs. Communication specifications for RTR-500NW/500AW and RTR-500 are also available free of charge. It is possible to create controls within your own system for gathering data and refreshing the item tables. Please contact your local distributor for details about these specification docum

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RTR-601 Series - 2

1: A Battery Charge Dock ( RTR-6BD ) needs to be purchased separately. *2: Customers wishing to use the RTR-500 as a Base Unit, please contact your local distributor for the communications protocol specifications to write your own software. *3: This is the estimated time to complete a full charge after the battery charge warning message appears.If the body of the Remote Unit gets hot and battery charging temporarily stops, the charging time will be longer. The specifications listed above are subject to change without notice.The specifications listed above are subject to change without notice.

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