T&D Optional Products Catalog Temperature Sensors - 9 Pages

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T&D Optional Products Catalog Temperature Sensors

Catalog excerpts

T&D Optional Products Catalog Temperature Sensors Sensor Extension Cables

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Compatible Products

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Compatible Products Stainless Protection Sensor __200_

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Compatible Products TR-1106 Fluoropolymer Coated Sensor

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Compatible Products Fluoropolymer Coated Sensor 45 Thermistor FEP Cable I-waterproof

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Compatible Products TR-5530 Underwater Sensor Measurement Range

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Compatible Products TR-5620 High Sensitivity Ultra-thin Sensor 75 2000, 26

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Compatible Products Pt Sensors Model Number TR-81 DIUM To order, create the model number by selecting A, B, C, and D ( See below ). |Al Sensor Type ( 2 digits ) [B] Protection Tube Diameter ( 2 digits ) Protection Tube Length ( 4 digits ) [D| Cable Length ( 2 digits ) Range of Error ±(0.15+0.002xt )°C t = absolute value of measurement Insulation DC500V over 10MQ Waterproof None Resitance Capacity only stainless protection pipe is Conductor 3 wire type water restart [Al Sensor Type (Select from 4 types) [Bl Protection Tube Diameter TR-8100 Economical Type Measurement Range: -50 to 200°C...

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Sensor Extension Cables Sensor Extension Cable

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