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T&R Mesh is a bio-resorbable implantable medical device. It is to assist tissue regeneration and reconstruction for the damaged or defected area. Induce tissue regeneration and reconstruction Various shapes, mechanical properties and types Provide structural support Interconnected porous structure High biocompatibility

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Unique StructurePowered by 3D Printing Fully interconnected pores play key roles in communication in between regenerated tissues and transportation of nutrients, allowing high efficacy and biocompatibility.

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Excellent Efficacy in Tissue Regeneration In-vitro studies for 21 days show the high proliferation of cells cultured on T&R Mesh. Live Cells (Green) Human osteoblasts Human septal chondrocytes Human turbinate mesenchymal stem cells

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PCL PCL(Polycaprolactone) is US FDA-approved(MAF-2195) biodegradable material used in a human body in a specific application. B-TCP S-TCP (beta-tricalcium phosphate) releases calcium ion to enhance the bone regeneration. Ca2+ 2 *— —*3

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Verified Safety T&R Mesh is KFDA approved medical device and manufactured in accordance with GMP and ISO 13485 standards. • Certified through various safety tests (extraction, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, sterility, etc.) • Sterilized with gamma irradiation

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Flexible, Modifiable and Strong • T&R Mesh retains its shape and strength during surgical operations. •I Easy shaping with surgical instruments. •I No special technique is required to use T&R Mesh.

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General Mesh Patient Specific Implant Nasal Tip Ball Dental Membrane 10(L)*30(W)mm Customized 2~12 mm Diameter 10(L)*15(W)mm Strength • R(Regular) Customized • Single sphere type • Soft type • S(Strong) • Regular type • SS(Super Strong) • Hard type Feature Application Various sizes, thicknesses and strength. Availability of shape retailoring • CMF Reconstruction • Orbital Fracture • Nasal Augmentation Custom printed scaffold through CT image Various diameters by nasal tip size Thin film with micro pores Alveolar bone regeneration • PCL with |3-TCP • PCL with p-TCP

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Clinical Applications CMF (Craniomaxillofacial) Reconstruction Applicable to reconstructive treatment of orbital fracture, burr hole, craniomaxillofacial damaged area. Before Nasal Surgery Applicable to rhinoplasty and augmentation including deviated nose, septoplasty and septal extension.

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Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Applicable to dental GBR surgery and alveolar bone regeneration. (Patient Specific Implant) Applicable to an accurate cleft palate, ear, large facial defected area reconstruction. PSI Process Patient’s information with CT Image Modeling PSI implant Feedback 21 days Fabrication Supply a couple of PSI implants Simulation Model

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deCelluidTM is a Bioink made from Tissue Specific dECM(decellularized ExtraCellular Matrix) It conserves particular growth factors existing in the original tissue and promoting the regeneration of target tissue. Under development 3D printable and compatible for other bioprinters Excellent performance in cell proliferation and cytodifferentiation Thermal gelation without UV(ultra violet) irradiation

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In-vitro studies The superiority of the bioink has been proven by various articles reported to global journals including Nature Communications. Dermal fibroblasts on skin deCelluid™ Day1 Human bone marrow stem cells on bone deCelluid™ After coasting After cell seeding (Morphology) F-actin Stain Live/Dead Stain Native Tissue Decell. Tissue Collagen concept(ug/mg) Live / dead staining Native Tissue Decell. Tissue 1.00

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Source Porcine Skin Component Application 37'C, 30min Surface Coating 3D Cell Culture, Dermis Formation, 3D Bioprinting Sponge(100mg) Porcine Bone 37'C, 30min Surface Coating 3D Cell Culture Differentiation Sponge(100mg) Porcine meniscus cartilage 37'C, 30min Surface Coating 3D Cell Culture Differentiation

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In vitro primary cell cultures 3D cell culture of mammalian cells Metabolism and toxicology studies 3D bioprinting of mammalian cells The development of several types of tumor cell invasion assays The maintenance and differentiation of human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem(iPS) cells

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