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3D Printing Technology realizes the Natural Aesthetics TnR NASAL MESHT&R Bibfab Ver. ENN1901

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T&R Biofab TnR Nasal Mesh TnR Nasal Mesh TnR Nasal Mesh is a bio-resorbable scaffold for rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Safe as much as cartilage Easy to scissor, easy to suture Regenerative Scaffold Strong enough to shape a nasal tip

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Bio-Compatible Scaffold - Ultimate alternative of the lack of nasal septum The raw material of TnR Nasal Mesh, PCL (Polycaprolactone) is FDA approved bio-degradable material used for medical device. It is absorbed and excreted out of a body within 2~3 years after being implanted. 3D Printing Technology makes fully interconnected pores and it plays key roles in communication between regenerated tissues and transportation of nutrients, allowing high efficacy and biocompatibility. 75X Live Cells (Green) Human osteoblasts Human turbinate mesenchymal stem cells Human septal chondrocytes In-vitro...

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T&R Biofab TnR Nasal Mesh Various sizes and strengths O Thickness

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Optimized solution for Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty Septal extension Columella strut Spreader graft Septal deviation

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The efficacy and safety of TnR Nasal Mesh have been reported to the magazines of authority such as JAMA Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery1 and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery2). MMAOtoUyneolofy-HMj&NeckSwgHy I Ongmil InmttgjUon Clinical Application of 3-Dimensional Printing Technology for Patients With Nasal Septal Deformities A Multicenter Study Do Hyw« Km. MO W€>. »■* «>. KmvMo Psk.KOamOn.lft Moon a Part. md Sa hmi hmai UD mo. Suit won un MD. Pt© MPOftTAMCi Stuftes hjve shown the controiUMity and porosity of i astheuseof 3<ftmemiorul(3 D) omtng for nasal reconstruction n...

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Clinical cases Before 3D Printing technology changes your life as well as your nasal tip.

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