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Scans of normal skin dorsum of the hand fr om paiienis ayeo \3) zs years, (b) 45 years and (c) 80 years. There is a consistent reduction of the thickness and the ultrasound density of the dermis and epidermis. ■ Fractional laser photothermolysis - 75 MHz Scans of forehead skin from 30 years old patient, (a) shows the skin before fractional photothermolysis and (b) shows the same area after 12 months. There is a significant increase of ultrasound density of the dermis within 50 to 300 pm

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■ Pigmented naevus - 22 MHz ■ Side effect after filler injection - 22 MHz Size 4 x 4.5 mm, |JI ULIUU11ILJ ZUU |Jlll UVci INldLl skin. Fibrosis inside of upper leap after cross-linked HA hypoechogenic focus in dermis up to 500 |jm depth. injection. Wrinkle on forehead skin (a) wrinkle depth before correction: 350-400 urn (b) after correction (ridupuncture): hyperechogenic parts corresponding to needle electrode micro- treks. Skin relief was partially restored. slaB? high frequency ultrasound and more since 1 978 Normal distribution (red oval) of HA 3 days after...

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