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Dermatology - 1

Basal cell carcinoma - 22 MHz ■ Basal cell carcinoma - 22 MHz Nodular basal cell carcinoma, good visible hypoecho- Super cinoma, intraepidermal or genie tumor area with 2.6 mm depth subdermal hypoechogenic band of 0.6 mm depth Squamous cell carcinoma - 22 MHz ■ Actinic ceratosis - 75 MHz Nonuniform epidermis thickness, hypoechogenic Increased epidermis thickness, low ultrasound density focus in dermis. of the dermis within depths of 50 to 1000 urn.

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Dermatology - 2

■ Foreign body in scar tissue - 75 MHz Inside of hyperthrophic scar at 1700 urn depth focus with extremely high ultrasound density >150. The piece of glass was extracted from scar tissue. Hypoechogenic zone, protruding 300-400 |jm over intact skin, depth of rear contour 500-700 urn. Echonegative inflammatory infiltrate on the border- line of dermis and hypodermis. There are two cavities: (1) upper cavity, (2) trans- dermal fistula, (3) subdermal infiltrate. tpm tabema pro medicum GmbH • Germany high frequency ultrasound and more since 1 978

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