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Wireless keyboard with numeric pad & touchpad The SLIM 1011 is a wireless version of SLIM 811. It combines autonomy, hygiene and comfort. Smooth surface : easy to clean with all chemical agents used in hospitals or clean rooms. SPECIFICATIONS ■ 8-metre range. The communications protocol is Bluetooth with a proprietary dongle. ■ Its battery lasts for 20 hours of constant use. When the battery is flat, it connects to the PC (or mains) and recharges while still in use. ■ It has a standby time of over 30 days. It goes into standby 5 minutes after the last keystroke and reactivates with one gesture. ■ It takes only 4 hours to charge using the charger or 8 hours when connected to the computer via the USB port. ■ Although extra-flat (14mm), it has an access hatch to replace its Lithium battery. So, its maintenance is simple and its life optimized. ■ Lockin function : locks the keyboard during cleaning ■ Taptop function provides a fluent and convenient typing ■ Work with gloves ■ Tempered glass resistant to all chemical agents ■ Typing without pressure “zero Newton technology" General specifications • 96 keys - Numeric pad • Adjustable sensitivity • Adjustable audible beep • Plug & play • Direct access functions keys • Polycarbonate cover ■ Resistant to all disinfectants ■ USB cable sealed connection 1.8m ■ PC/Mac comptatible ■ OS Windows & Linux compatible ■ Complies with European standards : 100 % ROHS ■ EMC certified by the IRSEEM laboratory ■ 2 years warranty ■ Dimensions : 430 x 140 x 14 mm Available with differents languages : AZERTY (FR-BE), QWERTY (UK, SP, DK, NO, IT) QWERTZ (DE-SW)...

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