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A posterior fixation to reconstruct and stabilize the spinal column. Dyflex-n Spinal System, is a device intended to be implanted consisting of Ti-6AI-4V ELI according to ISO 5832-3 and ASTM F136-02. It is used for fix- ation of fractures of spinal bone. Dyflex-n spinal system utilizes the state of the art technology and applies the essential requirements of MDD 93/42/EEC and ISO 14630:2005 from the beginning stage of the device design to manufacturing and inspection. Dyflex-D spinal system was evaluated by not only mechanical test but also simulation in virtual clinical conditions for preserving patients safety. All evaluations are executed in accordance with ASTM F1717-04. Simulation of Dyflex-n spinal system was to forecast weak points and to find optimal stress conditions with Finite Element Method. Dyflex-n spinal system was mechanically tested in various conditions, such as compression, tension, tor- Mechanical Test Torsion Test (ASTM F1717-04) Compression Test (ASTM F1717-Q4) Fatigue Test of Pedicle Screw System Dyflex-II spinal system restore integrity of the spinal column. Putting the patient first Medical CO,LTD. 204, Namdong Industrial-Complex, 45B-6L, #435-6, Nonhyun-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, 405-848, R.O.KOREA TEL : +82-32-235-7375 FAX : +82-32-235-7377 E-mail: tym@tymedical.com www.tymedical.com Strong Fixation • Combined thread type • Optimal stress distribution • Bolt with dove-tail thread design • Wide contact area with Rod and bolt • Various types of pedicle screws • Mono & Poly axial screws • Each type has long-arm head Mono-axial Poly-axial

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Combined Thread Tapered core & straight thread Combined thread type Cortical & cancellous thread - Optimal stress distribution - Protection of screw pull-out - Easy insertion Pedicle screw Mono Screw Driver TY-PS-MD-003 Poly Screw Driver TY-PS-PD-003 Poly-axial screw provides variation of 34° in angle Free angulation & lengthening Simple assembling Self positioning Strong stable fixation Whole grip vise design : Prevent rod sliding and dislocation Dove-tail thread(3°) design impoves to achieve firm & stable fixation between screw head and bolt. Start DriverfGrip Type) TY-PS-SD-001 Cross...

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