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TRUTH IS IN THE DETAILS DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR PROCESSES WITH A TAGARNO Ideal for inspection of bare solder boards, connectors or assembled boards during SMT-processes. Detect cracks in soldering, spot solder on components, dewetting or bridging in small components. Facilitate your hand soldering of very fine pitch electronic components. • • • • • • • • User-friendly all-in-one solutions, which make it easy to use with little or no training at all Great 1080p image quality and 60fps provide ultra-sharp details and an undelayed screen image Microscopes made only from high quality materials and surface treatments for a long lasting product Obtaining ergonomic correct working postures provides less sickness absence and higher efficiency Enriched communications and dynamic ways of cooperation between coworkers, customers and partners Easily detect and describe problems to multiple viewers simultaneously in person Create easily shareable high-quality documentation via a single snapshot Excellent conditions for internal or external training

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DIGITAL MICROSCOPES TAGARNO FHD ZIP FEATURES AND BENEFITS Cost-efficient and user-friendly tool Effortless image and video capture to PC via USB Great 1080p image quality and ultra fast framerate 60fps Boost colors for great reproduction of objects Manually adjust light settings for perfect lighting Save presets for quick recall of specific settings FHD monitors Lens +4 Foot switch Light kits: Coaxial, ultra violet, ring and back light Tables: XY, Height adjustable and Circular tilting table FEATURES AND BENEFITS High magnification levels (660X) and 30x optical zoom Great stability for an...

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Product Catalogue - 3

FOCUS STACKING Easily create high quality documentation images of items with varying height with the TAGARNO Focus Stacking Application. Create one ultra-sharp image from top to bottom of an object by automatically stacking images at different focus heights on top of each other. No blurred or out of focus areas of the image. In TAGARNO FHD UNO, the application is preinstalled, but an additional license key must be purchased to activate it. This applcation is installed and ready to use by default in TAGARNO FHD TREND and FHD PRESTIGE. WATERMARK With the TAGARNO Watermark Application, you...

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Product Catalogue - 4

ACCESSORIES - LENSES X PLUS FHD CONTROL BOX Set up a complete work station with this control box for digital camera microscopes from TAGARNO. The XPLUS FHD control box allows you to easily control the digital camera microscope and provides you with access to a series of camera settings in the setup menu on the microscope. 304000 | XPLUS FHD CONTROL BOX BLACK For: TAGARNO FHD PRESTIGE, TAGARNO FHD TREND and TAGARNO FHD UNO. LENS +3,+4 AND +5 / 58 MM TAGARNO offers a selection of high quality achromatic lenses. The lenses can be combined in a variety of ways, allowing you to create...

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Product Catalogue - 5

ACCESSORIES - LENSES + LED CONTROL BOXES MAGNETIC LENS RING The Magnetic lens ring kit gives the ability to swiftly change lens without irritation and time consuming operation. The Magnetic lens ring kits includes: 2 x Magnetic lens rings and 1 x steel ring Art. no.: 303020 | Magnetic lens ring kit TREND Art. no.: 303030 | Magnetic lens ring kit PRESTIGE If needed, you can purchase an additional Magnetic lens ring Art. no.: 303040 | Magnetic lens ring TREND Art. no.: 303041 | Magnetic lens ring PRESTIGE RING LIGHT KIT / BASIC BASIC RING LIGHT KITS include RING LIGHT WHITE, FRESNEL LENS and...

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Product Catalogue - 6

OPTICAL DIFFUSER FILTER ACCESSORIES - LIGHTING KITS ULTRA VIOLET RING LIGHT KIT To be used if the light source diodes give a point light that is too sharp. The light will be diffused through the filter. The UV RING LIGHT KITS include a ULTRAVIOLET RING LIGHT and a CONTROL BOX of your preference (BASIC or ADVANCED). 108439 | OPTICAL DIFFUSER FILTER Art. no.: 109026 | LIGHT KIT | UV BASIC Art. no.: 108748 | LIGHT KIT | UV ADVANCED Compatible with: RING LIGHT WHITE. POLARIZER RING LIGHT To be used to minimize the direct reflection from e.g. solderings when inspecting items. Both items...

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Product Catalogue - 7

ACCESSORIES - TABLES ACCESSORIES - TABLES + MONITORS TABLE, TILTING For perfect angling of the object you are working on under TAGARNO FHD digital microscope, try our stable and maneuvreable tilting table. The table plate is covered with an ESD-secure material that prevents static damage to the object you are working on and keeps it in its place. Measures: R: 10 cm / H: 8,5 cm 108271 | Tilting Table For: TAGARNO FHD ZAP TAGARNO FHD UNO, TAGARNO FHD TREND and TAGARNO FHD PRESTIGE. TABLE, GLASS To ensure lifelike live images on screen and provide great documentation material, we have...

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Product Catalogue - 8

ACCESSORIES - VARIOUS ACCESSORIES - FLEXARM FLEXARM, BASIC Easy to move around and fix to a table edge or a plate. 108496 | FLEXARM BASIC For: TAGARNO FHD ZAP FLEXARM, ADVANCED Adjustable strong flexarm. Comes with screws for mounting of FHD ZAP. Including a spacer that eases the movement of the flexarm. 109007 | FLEXARM ADVANCED For: TAGARNO FHD ZAP ANGLE BRACKET This strong bracket can be mounted in three ways (left, right and top). 470610 | ANGLE BRACKET For: TAGARNO FHD ZAP HANDLES The handles enable you to get a firm grip to easily move ZAP around and place...

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Product Catalogue - 9

USER-FRIENDLY DIGITAL MICROSCOPES SUPPORTS EFFICIENT QUALITY CONTROL PROCESSES TAGARNO digital microscopes saves you time since they are user-friendly all-in-one solutions, which make it easy to use the TAGARNO microscopes with little or no training at all, making ease of use one of your most important benefits - just “plug and play”. At the same time, all microscopes from TAGARNO are designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark. The digital microscopes are made only from high quality materials and surface treatments for a long lasting product which requires no maintainance....

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