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AMPIR-Ol "IBLOOD, BLOOD SUBSTITUTE    &AND INFUSION SOLUTION WARMER Warming of infusion solutions, blood and blood substitutes is one of the conditions of proper infusion therapy. The use of Ampir-01 in everyday medical practice helps to improve the patient's condition in pre-, intra- and post-operative period, and reduce complications caused by hypothermia. PURPOSE Prevention and treatment of hypothermia and associated complications in pre-, intra- and postoperative periods APPLICATION Clinics, operating rooms, intensive care wards and elsewhere where infusion therapy, blood and blood substitute transfusion is required > Maintaining set temperature in the range 34-41.5 °C during 24 h > Performing a proper and effective infusion and transfusion therapy for two patients at the same time -#■ Warming blood, blood substitutes and infusion solutions at the rate up to 1 l/h

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HEAT EXCHANGER 2-3 winds of the line around the heat exchanger are enough for efficient warming One wind of the line around the heat exchanger is 450 mm Heat exchanger grooves ensure maximum grip of lines for an efficient warming of transfused fluids Two lines can be used at the same time Supply voltage 230±23V MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL UNIT LED display LED indicator Set temperature is maintained in the range 34-41.5 °С Temperature change rate 0.1°С Average power consumption <30 W/h IP23 Protection class (dust and water resistant) Rapid heating to necessary temperature in 2-5 minutes User...

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