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NEWBORN WARMING SYSTEM WITH WATER/GEL MATTRESS Fast, effective and safe warming of newborns in order to prevent and treat hypothermia and its aftereffects, additional warming of thermally unstable newborns Delivery rooms, newborn departments, intensive care units, surgery blocks Maintaining set temperature in the range 34-39°C during 24 h Warming thermally unstable newborns Baby to take a physiologically comfortable position Creating a sense of comfort, safety and rest Saving electricity (average consumption less than 40 W/h)

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RAM0NAK-O1 Microprocessor control unit > LED display indicating current temperature > LED display indicating set temperature » Set temperature is maintained in the range 34-39 °C during 24 h » Temperature change rate 0.1 °C » User settings saving > Sound and light warning, self-testing upon switching on and during operation ■v Average power consumption doesn't exceed 40 W ■v IP20 Protection class. Control unit is made from dielectric material Supply voltage 230±23V ■v User warning system Alarm signals Plate overheating above 40 °C Plate hasn't reached the temperature above 33 °C in 60...

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