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Latest Patented Technology Non Solvent TAICEND Waterproof Anti-Adhesion Wound Dressing(Stage 1) - 4 pieces – after surgery (include that the day of surgery) – Replace one piece each day Structural patented foam dressings can absorb wound exudates without retention, and the wound remains moist and clean. TAICEND Surgical Hydrogel Patch (Stage 2) - 5 pieces – After stitch removal(include that very day of stitch ) – Replace one piece each week The inner gel is soft and flexible, which can effective ly close the wound after surgery , sooth the pain caused by pulling during the body activity and accelerate deep wound healing. Comfortable, low sensitivity, so it can be used continuously TAICEND Scar Care Dressing (Stage 3) - 5 pieces– After the wound healed – Replace one piece each week Appropriate down pressure can inhibit scar hyperplasia. Moderate moisture can soften scars. Comfortable, low sensitivity, so it can be used continuously This product can be paid by commercial insurance, please contact your insurance consultant. Join us for the latest news taicend Frequently Asked Question Q:Is it effective against old scars? If the scar was formed more than 6 months, the scar tissue has became hyperplastic. Continued use of TAICEND product still has the effect of partially softening and diluting scars but does not completely eliminate scars. Q:If I had keloid constitution? In the case of keloid, hypertrophic scars generate on the third to sixth month. Therefore, it is highly recommended to follow the timing of use, and continue to use it for more than 6 months. Q:When to use TAICEND postoperative care products? From the surgical wound to the scar care, continued use TAICEND series products for six months to soften, desalination, and reduction of scar formation. Q:Cause allergies? The entire series are made from medical-grade polyurethane, which is skin-friendly, breathable, and less allergic. It can be used sustainably. If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using and consult a doctor. Product Specification TAICEND Waterproof YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE Wound Dressing (Sterile) Surgical Hydrogel Patch (Sterile) TAICEND Scar Care Dressing (Non-Sterile) Well-fitted Waterproof, low sensitivity, breathable, soft and comfortable Caesarean Postoperative

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Caesarean Section Postoperative Step 1 2 3 Treatment for C-section Postpartum Rest Inflammatory Phase Proliferative Phase 《 Absorb exudate, maintain a clean wound and no inflamed situation》 Absorb exudate Reduce the chance of infection Waterproof Anti-Adhesion Wound Dressing Absorb exudate Protection Anti-adhesion Remolding Phase 《 Provide moisturizing and down pressure 》 《 Close wounds accelerate , wound healing process》 Provide moisturizing environment softens scars , Close wounds Protect and accelerate wound healing process Down pressure,avoid scar generation Surgical Hydrogel Patch...

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