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BB Barrier Common Questions The keys to healthy skin. 1 What are the best cases to use it? Baby’ skin is easy to get s irritated by stool, urine or friction. Spray BB Barrier to fast-form a dr y, breathable protective barrier. Squamous Attached Skin Dr y fast, take away extra moist and stay dr y. Helps to form a breathable protective barrier on skin top, boosts skin's defense, prevent damage effectively and protect the skin. YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE 2 Do I need to use other medications after used BB Barrier? Best use for babe before potty training (0-3year old), minor cuts such as light scratches, or spray it on baby’ skin to s reach the purpose of protection. A protective barrier will be formed after used the BB Barrier to protect the skin effectively. Please consult with medical professions if there is a needed to use other medications. 3 How long it will take before I put the diaper on after used BB Barrier? BB Barrier made by low-irritant medical-grade silica gel which stays dr y; the diaper can put on a min after use it. 4 When is the best time to use it? Spray 1-3 time on baby’ bum depends s on the needed after bath time/after clean the poopy diapers/ after 3-4 times of urination and diaper changings. TAICEND BB-Barrier Film (Non-Sterile) DOH Medical Device Manufatur

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What should I do if there are rashes on baby’ bum? s First tips: Using warm water instead of wet wipes to reduce friction. Many moms might skip the cleaning steps during diaper changing, which might leave poop or peep residue on the baby’ skin. Or using wet s wipes to replace water to clean, which increase friction on baby’ delicate skin. Losing the s protection layer of the skin might result in irritated skin condition. Second tips: Choose the right diaper and change it frequently. Choose the right diaper : baby's stool and urine could irritate the skin; therefore, it’ better s choose the...

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