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LabTurbo Reaction (PCR) Setup System Throughput    1- up to 96 samples 26 inch (W) X 21 inch (D) X 27 inch (H) Processing time Pipetting Head    • 4-channel or 6-channel adjustable-spacing pipette • Volume range: 1-250 ^l • Precision: CV<5% Worktable Unit    • 96-well tip rack (3) • 96-well PCR reaction plate (2) (cooling: 4-8 °C) • 96-well portable sample rack (1) • 20-well PCR Master Mix & Component rack(1)(cooling: 4-8 °C) • 10-well Series Dilution Rack(1) • Tip disposal • Pause door • UV light Consumables    LabTurbo robotic filtered tip (300 ^l) Feature    • Bench top fully-automation • Cooling embedded • Time efficiency • 1-250ul precisely aliquoting volume • Serial dilution available • Wisely cherry picking • Individual template volume aliquoting • Complete documentation record • Friendly user defined working sheet Computer System    ianel PC • Windows XP Embedded LabTurbo Power Requirement In compliance with CE standards VacEZor Throughput    1-36 (manual)    Software Function    Vacuum filtration of nucleic acid purification Sample Size    Scalable Worktable Unit    • 36-well vacuum manifold • Timer (hr/min/sec) Preinstalled, certified protocol Graphical user interface Quick button to start Worktable setup checklist Built-in reagent calculator Pause function Timer Data conversion to Excel file Remote control Vacuum Station    Vacuum pump (air flow 130 L/min)    Power RequirSment 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz Kit LGD    LVN    LTR    LVR    LFD LabTurbo DNA Mini Kit LabTurbo Virus Mini Kit LabTurbo Virus RNA Mini Kit LabTurbo Forensic DNA Mini Kit LabTurbo Mini Columns +6-strip SC set (6x80), Sample Tube Strip 2.5 ml (6x80), Elution Tube Strip 2.5ml (6x80), 6-Cap Strip (80), Proteinase K, Reagents, CCEB. LabTurbo Mini Columns +6-strip SC set (6x80), Sample Tube Strip 2.5 ml (6x80), Elution Tube Strip 2.5ml (6x80), 6-Cap Strip (80), Proteinase K, Reagents, CCEB. LabTurbo Mini Columns +6-strip SC set (6x80),Sample Tube Strip 2.5 ml (6x80), Elution Tube Strip 2.5 ml (6x80). 6-Cap Strip (80), Proteinase K, Reagents, CCEB. LabTurbo Mini Columns +6-strip SC set (6x80),Sample Tube Strip 2.5 ml (6x80), Elution Tube Strip 2.5 ml (6x80). 6-Cap Strip (80), Proteinase K, Reagents, CCEB. LabTurbo Mini Columns +6-strip SC set (6x80),Sample Tube Strip 2.5 ml (6x80), Elution Tube Strip 2.5 ml (6x80). 6-Cap Strip (80), Proteinase K, Reagents, CCEB, sample plug (6x80). TAIGEN TAIGEN Bioscience Corporation 3F, No.150, Sec 4, Cheng-De Road,Taipei City, Taiwan Tel: +886-2-28891136 Fax: +886-2-28836458 2012 Third edition ©1992-2012 Taigen Bioscience Corporation. All Rights Reserved. LabTurbo® is a registered trademark and is the property of Taigen Bioscience Corporation. Product availability, appearance, specifications, and/or ordering information are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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Why You Need A Perfect Automatic Extractor ?

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Save Labor A manual workflow for nucleic acid extraction is a heavy burden for laboratory, the capability of a labor would work for two or three hours and be tired after that, meanwhile the manual errors might happen unconsciously until the missed results are defined after exhaustedly several repeats, an automatic extractor is a good solution to replace labor, but the process of nucleic acid extraction contains a lot of tedious steps, most of the automatic extractor cannot have enough functions to meet the tedious steps of the nucleic acid extraction, they still need labor to learn and...

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System overview Taigen provides several models of device, automation, and kits to process different kinds of samples and throughputs for the requests of liquid handling and DNA/RNA extraction. LabTurbo 24 compact system (Bench top) and LabTurbo 48 compact system (Floor stand) are classical and multi-function automation; They fit to broadwide range of samples and are used in clinical (research), agriculture, forensic, applied, pharmaceutical, and research; it processes up to 24/48 samples in 70/90 minutes. LabTurbo 96 standard system is a fast full automation; it processes 12 up to 96...

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LabTurbo 96 Standard System LabTurbo 96S is the ultra–high speed DNA/RNA purification system which can handle 96 sample extractions in 1h. Based on the 96–well spin column plate, it provides high yield and purity of nucleic acid for down–stream assay and can handle a wide variety of samples LabTurbo 96–Standard saves your valuable time and brings you the satisfactory results. Broad rang of LabTurbo for samples, sensitivity and cross-contamination free Samples LabTurbo 496 Standard System LabTurbo 496 system is the high–throughput automated workstations for nucleic acid purification. It is...

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Applications Forensic ApplicationsSuitable for laboratories performing Clinical (IVD*), Agricultural, Forensic, Research/Applied Clinical * IVD registry in country, please inquire your representative. Sample Type

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Comparison with other automated system, LabTurbo membrane column technology achieves most accurate detection rate for Norovirus in stool and there is no inhibitors presented in the nucleic acid extraction. LabTurbo for Forensic Sample Pathogen in Blood It is a very tedious and laborious work to pre-lysis and transfer the lysate to automation tube for forensic solid samples, However, those works are not necessary, LabTurbo is a straight system and those forensic solid samples are directly loaded without prelysis and transfer. Nothing is left for labor, LabTurbo works all for the diversity of...

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