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Asclepius TBK-43 Detailed Teaching Material For Medical Education And Surgical Planning C€ Company Address:! F., No.46, Keya Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 428, Taiwan (R.O.C.) North America Office:5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 306, Santa Clara, CA 95054-1122 U.S.A. support@surglasses.com tbk.sales@surglasses.com tel +886 4-3707-3159#207 fax +886 4-2565-3330 #208

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Anatomy High resolution virtual cadaver is replacing real donor body, Allowing students to do research on a human anatomical structure with no cost and penalty-free operations. So every student can have an access to complete anatomical education through the multi-touch screen in the chemical-free environment. Virtual dissection table is not only helpful for general education but also it is a great tool for improving practical knowledge. Layer by Layer Body Systems Our 3D digital models are built to real-world scale and organized by medical sets. Virtual cadaver's organizational structure is...

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OOOPDS OOOPDS is capable of processing large numbers of image data and perform surgical simulations, allowing you to visualize 2D / 3D image data analysis and experiment the simulations. OOOPDS runs surgical planning and simulations on the following datas including: • CT computer tomography files • MRI scan file • 3D image format files (*.stl ' *.ply ' *.obj ' *.wrl ' *.rve) DICOM based virtual cadavers AsdspiuS is providing real sized virtual cadavers that are built from combination of DICOM data and 3D rendering system to universities, so that students are able to study in depth of human...

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The virtual Dissection table is the advanced technology of the visualization of anatomy system. With 43 Inches Interactive touch screen table allows students for both a virtual library of the human and pre-surgical planning tool visualization of CT or MRI scan. System Screen size - 43 inch

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