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Detailed Teaching Material For Medical Education And Surgical Planning Optional Histopathology Atlas Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co., Ltd. www.surglasses.com 1F., No.46, Keya Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 428, Taiwan (R.O.C.) info@surglasses.com

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Fully Annotated Human Anatomy Asclepius is equipped with a life size male and female human cadaver with full annotations about the entire body parts of a human. The table is equipped with the different planes of view, i.e., coronal, sagittal and transverse, providing the details of all the human body in depth. Sectional Anatomy Asclepius content is divided into 11 sections where the professors can teach the students in details each and every segment, for example, reproductive system, respiratory system, and others. These segments make it easier for the students to remember the pictorial...

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Organ animation Asclepius is equipped with the animations of the heart with full annotation describing the parts of the heart, simulation of the heartbeat along with the ability to view the sagittal, coronal and transverse view of the beating heart. Regional anatomy Along with the full human anatomy, Asclepius comes with the regional anatomy of the human as well where the human body is divided into chest, ankle, elbow, thighs and more. 3 Axis Display Mode The possibility of viewing all the 3, sagittal, coronal and transverse, view now comes in handy with the Asclepius. With the control bar,...

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Radiology Radiology is capable of processing large numbers of image data and perform surgical simulations, allowing you to visualize 2D / 3D image data analysis and experiment the simulations. Radiology runs surgical planning and simulations on the following datas including: CT computer tomography files 3D image format files MRI scan file DICOM based virtual cadavers Asclepius is providing real sized virtual cadavers that are built from combination of DICOM data and 3D rendering system to universities, so that students are able to study in depth of human anatomical structure. Surgical...

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Histopathology Atlas Histopathology Atlas provides an application tool for the image and movies, which could load the image for operation. Image reading formats support *.jpg, *.png, *.tif, *.bmp and other image format files. Movie reading formats support *.mkv, *.mp4, *.avi, *.mov and other movie format files. The Histopathology Atlas system operation interface includes the selection of using the Pathology and Histology menu interfaces. The main image operation interface is the display interface of 2D the image and provides the selection and use of tools, including image list, basic tools,...

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The virtual dissection table with adjustable stand and tiltable wide screen, which can be used as an interactive whiteboard, is suitable for many kinds of lectures and lessons, designed for delivering lectures in front of the classroom. Tiltable wide screen allows students and doctors to have a group discussion on different patient cases. Optional Histopathology Atlas Real size virtual human anatomy Human anatomy of different layer Medical education supplementary Friendly interface to easily use Medical visualizing platform Educational Purpose Research Connect to any types of PACS system...

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