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Acute Care

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TALYST: Enterprise Wide Pharmacy Solutions

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TALYST: Engineering the Safer Pharmacy About Us Talyst is a market leader in pharmacy automation and your expert partner in pharmacy operations. Our solutions provide enterprise-wide medication management across your entire health system to offer greater inventory control, enhanced workflow efficiency, and improved patient safety. As of 2013, Talyst has installed automated systems in more than 700 integrated healthcare systems, acute-care hospitals, long-term care facilities, and correctional institutions. Talyst engineers the safer pharmacy. We are committed to improving health by...

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AUTOPHARM ENTERPRISE: Innovative Software for Control of Your Pharmacy The AutoPharm Enterprise Software Solution AutoPharm® Enterprise AutoPharm Enterprise, a powerful software platform, provides enterprise-wide medication management across your entire health system to offer greater inventory control, enhanced workflow efficiency, and improved patient safety. AutoPharm Enterprise allows you to manage your complete pharmacy inventory from arrival in the pharmacy to the patient care area. The powerful software platform also helps you to reduce medication waste by adopting packagesharing and...

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• Provides controls and checks for • Enables tracking and management • Perpetual inventory tracking and high-alert and pediatric medications • Allows multiple barcode checks to receive, dispense and restock medications of real-time, perpetual inventory • Enables centralized ordering and inventory management to optimize on-hand inventory management for multiple locations • Works with centralized or decentralized pharmacy distribution models • Automates receiving, restocking, dispensing, and returns for more efficient workflow • Supports barcode medication • Supports multiple pharmacy...

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SAFETY: Barcoding Virtually 100% of Your Medications AutoPack® & AutoLabel® Solution More and more hospitals are implementing bedside scanning as a means to improve patient safety, and more administrators are expecting their pharmacies to become bar code-ready. Barcoded medications make it easier for frontline nurses to do their jobs well. The Talyst bar code and labeling solution includes AutoPack and AutoLabel. Working together, it’s a cost-effective way to ensure that virtually 100% of the medications leaving your pharmacy are scan-ready at the bedside. Parkview Health System has been...

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AutoPack® integrates easily with your pharmacy system to provide a fully automated packaging system for oral solid medications. • Enables automated dispensing of from 1 to 500 different oral solid medication types in a single AutoPack • Delivers unit-dose or multi-dose packages in a compact footprint • Provides 19 lines of user-defined label space • Works seamlessly with AutoCarousel to expedite cart fills, ADU replenishment, and canister refills • Processes up to 60 doses per minute, sorted by patient or ADU • Supports packaging oral solid medications not stored on the AutoPack with an...

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CONTROL: Track, Manage, and Control Your Complete Medication Inventory AutoCarousel, AutoCool & AutoVault The hospital pharmacy is a complex business in a fast-paced environment, and typically has extensive uncontrolled inventory. With a space-saving system from Talyst, you can organize, manage, and track your medications easily—including expensive refrigerated medications. Talyst systems are costeffective, and support your current hospital information systems and wholesale relationships. Talyst is dedicated to providing enterprise-wide medication management across your entire health...

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AutoCarousel® HD provides heavy-duty, secure, automated storage for all of your medications. The reliable AutoCarousel HD comes with a 10 Year Guarantee. • Streamlines stocking and picking activities using pick-to-light indicators • Supports all dosage forms and packages • Decreases required storage space by 30% to 50% • Reduces time-on-task and staff required to fill orders • Ensures accurate order filling with pick-to-light indicators and bar code verification • Enables comprehensive, accurate tracking and control of all stored items • Allows emergency access to items with a backup motor...

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EFFICIENCY: Automate Your Workflow

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Workflow Management Whether you use a centralized cart-fill, decentralized automated dispensing units (ADUs), or a unique combination of both, AutoPharm® Enterprise works with your existing pharmacy system to prioritize the daily medication fulfillment process. AutoPharm manages your inventory across your health system and multiple facilities and hospitals. A comprehensive suite of hardware components driven by AutoPharm® Enterprise enables: • Multiple medication inventories with one automated system to ensure inventory is on-hand and accurate • Automated wholesale ordering to eliminate the...

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Our Service Commitment Talyst is committed to our customers, and dedicated to delivering the highest level of satisfaction in the implementation of our products. Talyst, the pharmacy automation technology expert, is your partner. We work with you to create the right solution for your health system. For more information, please call 1.877.4.TALYST x1 © 2013 Talyst, Inc. All rights reserved. Talyst, AutoPharm, AutoPack, AutoCarousel, AutoVault, AutoCool, and AutoLabel are either registered trademarks or trademarks in the United States and/or other countries.

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