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AUTOPACK SL: Automated Oral Solid Packager Slide Model Specification Sheet AutoPack® SL offers high-capacity, automated packaging for oral solid medications. They are scaleable, reliable, and include workflow management features that can help improve the efficiency of any pharmacy operation.

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AutoPack® SL integrates easily into your pharmacy operation to provide fully automated packaging for unit-dose or multi-dose oral solid medications. It’s compact, efficient, and easy to use. AutoPack slide models offer high capacity storage in a minimum footprint. A single AutoPack will process up to 60 doses per minute, sorted by patient or automated dispensing unit. If your facility requires the safety and automation of an AutoPack, but with a smaller capacity, Talyst has multiple box models to meet your needs. [ front view ] [ side view ] Improved Patient Safety DIMENSIONS • Enables...

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AUTOPACK: Slide Model Specifications Canister Type & Number Tall: 58 Tall: 120 Tall: 132 Tall-Extended: 82 Tall-Extended: 78 Tall-Extended: 80 Special Tablet System Tray 1 Tray / 60 Doses 1 Tray / 60 Doses 1 Tray / 60 Doses NOTE: Canister size is determined by the medication dimensions. Short canisters may be used in Tall or Tall-Extended locations Maximum Packaging Speed Package Size Customizable Lines of Print Package Printing Custom Fonts Tablet Detection System NOTE: Each AutoPack unit will Unit Dose: Multi Dose: Thermal Transfer Infrared Beam Detection System Unit Dose: Multi Dose:...

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AUTOPACK: Slide Model Specifications SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Power Consumption Power Supply Operating Temperature Humidity Range Altitude Range FCC 47 Part 15, Subpart B Class A OSHPD pre-approval certification AUTOPACK: Additional Slide Model Features ACRS Chip The Automatic Canister Recognition System (ACRS) uses an installed chip to establish a unique identifier for each canister. AutoPack looks for the pharmacist-checked medication identifier, not the canister location, so the canisters can be placed in any open AutoPack position. ACRS improves safety by helping eliminate errors. Special...

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