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Medication Management for Corrections The InSite™ Remote Dispensing System by Talyst is the first automated medication management system designed specifically for Corrections. The InSite system enables patient-specific medication dispensing right at the correctional facility. It saves valuable nursing time, increases medication security and control, and improves patient safety.

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The InSite Solution The InSite Remote Dispensing System is changing the way medications are dispensed in correctional institutions. The InSite system places a secure, automated remote dispensing unit at the facility saving valuable nursing time. The system is automated, accurate, and can quickly package pharmacist-approved medications before each medication pass, or on-demand to facilitate new arrivals, First Doses, and PRNs. The InSite Remote Dispensing systems allows medications to follow patients – even if they are off-site or at court, and provides down-to-the-dose accountability,...

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InSite: Title goes the InSite: Streamlininghere Medication Dispensing Process Eliminates Waste & Saves time With InSite™, oral solid medications are dispensed only as needed and for a specific patient. It significantly lowers medication errors and waste while expediting the entire administration process. InSite uses powerful software to ensure the right medications are given to the right patient, in the right dose, and at the right time. InSite enables automated and accurate dispensing: • Medications arrive at the facility in sealed, pharmacist-approved canisters and are placed in a secure...

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With InSite, medication orders are transmitted from the facility to the pharmacist for clinical review. After approval, the medications are immediately available at the correctional facility and dispensed from the InSite remote dispensing unit with patient-specific packaging. InSite gives your nursing staff the time to perform other tasks: • Dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare for scheduled medication passes • Can eliminate blister pack-related storage, access, and inventory management concerns • Eliminates the need to perform time-consuming narcotics counts • Works with...

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InSite: Title goes here InSite: Faster Access to First Dose Due IMPROVES PATIENT SAFETY InSite enables faster First Doses, STAT orders, and accurate timely medication passes. The InSite Remote Dispensing System stores up to 240 different types of medications in a single, secure dispensing unit. It provides automated, on-demand compliance packaging for oral solid medications prior to administration. InSite is a secure system ensuring medication accuracy: • Delivers patient-specific packaging with customizable, nurse-friendly labels • Packages up to 60 doses per minute with a broad variety of...

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About Us Talyst is engineering the safer pharmacy. The company was founded in 2002 to provide automated medication management systems to acute care hospital pharmacies. The following year, Talyst launched AutoPharm®, the innovative software platform designed to integrate medication storage, inventory, ordering, barcoding, and clinical systems. By 2010, Talyst had installed automated systems in close to 500 acute care hospitals and integrated healthcare companies. By leveraging our expertise in acute care pharmacy automation, we are now building unique systems designed specifically to meet...

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Our Service Commitment Talyst is committed to our customers, and dedicated to delivering the highest levels of satisfaction in the implementation of our products. We apply ISO 9000 principles to respond to the needs of our customers with proven solutions, targeted training, and complete support. ©2010 Talyst, Inc. All rights reserved. Talyst and InSite are either registered trademarks or trademarks in the United States and/or other countries.

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