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InSite 240

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INSITE 240: Remote Dispensing Unit Box Model Specification Sheet InSite® Remote Dispensing System is part of a complete solution designed to automate medication dispensing at remote locations. The complete system helps manage your medication inventory while providing secure storage and on-demand dispensing.

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INSITE: Remote Dispensing System Specifications InSite® Remote Dispensing System features powerful software and durable hardware components, designed to improve the control and efficiency of your 6" 6" min. medication storage andmin. from back of wallprocess. wall automated system will increase dispensing from back of Our accuracy, reduce the time needed to prepare for daily medication passes, and improve patient safety. 29.6" 29.6" The software is efficient, easy-to-use, and provides workflow guidance to help 84.0"min. 84.0"min. prevent medication errors. The medication packaging system...

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