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AM-180 - 1

AM180 The Tanita AM180 Activity Monitor uses the latest 3-axis accelerometer technology to provide reliable and accurate measurements of daily activity. The USB feature allows data to be transferred whenever required to a free web-based tracking dashboard or to GMon Health Solution Software for data collection and analysis.

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AM-180 - 2

Advanced technology Practical design The auto detection provides accurate readings for low intensity running, walking and other daily activities. Data is shown in hourly segments. The inbuilt memory function allows 14 days worth of data to be recalled and viewed by the user and one year’s data can be stored on the device. The battery is replaceable and has a 6 month duration. The location of where an accelerometer is worn can have a direct impact on the accuracy of results. After extensive research, Tanita has established wearing the AM180 at chest level reduces the risk of over or under...

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