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Our models and their specifications are given below: Microbial barrier for safetyi- PLUSAFE series of sterilization rolls & pouches provide a microbial barrier to ensure protection of surgical instruments against contamination from sterilization time to the date they were used. Multilayer co-polymer film and medical grade paper orTyvek® are used for manufacturing. Water based, non-toxic indicators for steam and EO or H202 plasma sterilization complying with EN 11140-1 are applied to paper surface, below film to prevent pigment migration, which shows colour change for process assurance. Easy to open, tear & fibre free rolls, also show direction of opening, are suitable for aseptic presentation. Rolls suitable for steam sterilization are also available in gusseted versions as well. It is possible to have customized pouches on demand in various sizes. PLUSAFE series wrapping papers provide a reliable barrier in sterilization for wrapping trays to prevent cross-contamination. It is possible to use them with various sterilization methods including H202 plasma sterilization. Depending on sterilization method it is possible to have 100% cellulose or SMS wrapping papers. Your health secured REFERENCE NO DESCRIPTION STERILIZATION PACKING ‘Please refer to our related datasheets for more information on our products. /fyf /.y TURKUAZ BIYOMEDIKAL TEKNOLOJILER VE SAGLIK HIZMETLERI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Kazim Ozalp Mah. HaftaSok. No:23/2 06610 Cankaya/ANKARA/TURKEY Tel: +90 850 840 8 828 Fax: +90 312 911 25 28 - This document is intended for the use of partners of TURQUOISE BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Repmductlon in whole or in part by any other parly is prohibited. TBT specifications are given for reference only and are subject to change without any previous notice. Accessory/Product images are for Illustrative purposes only. rev.EN 00001-2017 © 2014, TBT Inc. All rights reserved. PLUSAFE tm Packing-,-Monitoring, Safety, Cleaning & Infection Control Solutions

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Safety for instruments, processes, operators & areas PLUSAFE series is designed to offer maximum protection and safety during the complete workflow in a CSSD. Safety may mean forming a microbial barrier or monitoring of process while it means also protection for operators from risks and providing infection control at designated CSSD area and disinfection in surfaces. The wide range of scope is covered with various solutions to be offered from a single source. All PLUSAFE series products are in compliance with international standards. BOWIE DICK HELIX TEST FOR STEAM BATCH CONTROL HELIX TEST...

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