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REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS DATASHEET Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology works according to the separation of dissolved substances in water through semi permeable membranes. Through this system all salts, organic substances, micro pollution, pesticides, pyrogenic substances, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and nitrate can be separated from water. APPLICATION FIELDS Medical – Deriving drinkable water from raw water – Water recycling – Obtaining drinkable water from sea water – Processes which needs low conductivity OVERALL SPECIFICATIONS Stainless steel frame –Cartridge type pre-filters – Entrance solenoid valve – Control panel – Operating temperature 2 - 30°C – Conductivity measurement – Product water and drained water flow meters – High and low pressure switches – FRP or stainless steel membrane covers – TFC type RO membranes – High pressure pump – Pressure setting valve – Dual water connection designed for RUMED / CSSD use. OPTIONAL FEATURES Anti-scaling dosing pump – Membrane washing system – AISI 316 L quality pressure pump – AISI 316 L quality piping system and various modifications are possible. Our systems can vary according to the various steam sterilizer system up on the customer need for any specifications. This document is intended for the use of partners of TURQUOISE BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Reproduction in whole or in part by any other party is prohibited. TBT specifications are given for reference only and are subject to change without any previous notice. Accessory/Product images are for illustrative purposes only. rev.EN 002-2021 © 2015, TBT Inc. All rights reserved. Ziyagokalp Mh.ISTEKS Sanayi Sitesi D1 Blok No:10 34200 Basaksehir / Istanbul / TURKEY

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