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WATER SOFTENERS FLYER These are systems which takes our Calcium and Magnesium ions in the water through a pre-filter and a strong cationic resin filter. Water with high hardness especially causes blocking at the lines and heat loss and increased power consumption due to increased calcification in devices using hot water like devices with pipelines, steam generators and devices with heating systems. There are two options in softener systems: single tank models and doubled (tandem) models. Completely automatic valve groups are used in these systems. Systems can be time controlled or flow controlled. OVERALL SPECIFICATIONS Automatic start – Minimum operational cost – Tank from composite materials – Working temperature 4 – 40oC – Timer controlled reverse washing – Working power 220 V – 50 Hz – Low energy consumption – 0,5 – 50 m3/h capacity. Hydrometric degree obtained at the output of the device ≤ 5 °TH. Footprint as small as 360x610x1170h mm. OPTIONAL FEATURES Special systems for higher pressures – Galvanic or stainless steel tanks – Reverse washing which can be flow or hardness controlled – Stainless steel piping – Valves with electric actuators. Our engineers design the most efficient system while tank water hardness and other relevant parameters into consideration. It possible to have digital control system upon request. This document is intended for the use of partners of TURQUOISE BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Reproduction in whole or in part by any other party is prohibited. TBT specifications are given for reference only and are subject to change without any previous notice. Accessory/Product images are for illustrative purposes only. rev.EN 002-2021 © 2015, TBT Inc. All rights reserved. Kazim Ozalp Mah. Hafta Sok. No: 23/2 06610 Cankaya / ANKARA / TURKEY info@tbtmedical.com.tr www.tbtmedical.com.tr

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