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KwickScreen® is the ultimate in Flexible Space Management. Versatile, durable and perfect tor a wide number ot applications throughout the healthcare KwickScreen is the best solution I have seen to help solve the problems of space Introducing KwickScreen® from Teal 2-3 FAQ's, Product Options & Accessories 14-15

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Overview KwickScreen® is an ingenious way of managing space within the healthcare and residential environments. Available as fixed or portable and in a number of finishes to enable privacy, display messages or images whilst keeping patients engaged in ward activity and isolating non-airborne infections. KwickScreen® uses a patented hightech roll-able material technology that enables it to be incredibly retractable and portable. RolaTube™ is a new British technology used across many sectors including Nasa. KwickScreens are really versatile and help us manage our space. ey can be portable or...

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Features & Benefits • Fixed to wall or portable options available Cost savings • Improves bedstock management by freeing up side-rooms • Helps prevent breaches of Privacy & Dignity Easy cleaning • The portable KwickScreen® is easy to wheel about • Specially designed to be easily steam or wipe cleaned • Easy to clean floor underneath as frame is self supported • Inner screens can be easily replaced • One person use • Pulls out and retracts to any length up to 3.2m • Robust and durable Small footprint • Bends up to 180 degrees at any point of the width • Retracts into compact casing space for...

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Infection Control With a lack of side rooms available in many hospitals across the NHS, outbreaks of non-airborne infections including MRSA and Norovirus can prove a costly problem. Often infected patients don’t need to be placed in side rooms and only require a physical barrier between bed spaces to prevent transmission through droplets. KwickScreen® provides the solution • • • • • • • Allows separation of infected areas within a ward Isolates non-airborne infections in the ward Provides visibility and isolation Improves hand hygiene compliance and prevents cross-bed traffic Low levels of...

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Privacy & Dignity It’s often hard to avoid patients of different sexes being treated together, which causes problems with patient privacy and dignity. A number of environments within hospitals and other healthcare facilities have a lack of space or dated building design and layout making segregating different sexes difficult. KwickScreen® provides the solution • llows reconfiguration of wards to ensure segregation of male and female patients A • voids the need for costly structural changes A • Instant deployment • ooks like a temporary wall but works like a curtain L • ortable, quick and...

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Print Options KwickScreen® is available in 3 finishes, opaque, transparent or translucent, all of which can be printed. There is a huge range of designs to choose from and specific print designs can be customised to suit your environment. Photography, vector illustrations or paintings can be printed in high quality on the inner panel of a KwickScreen®, to create a different ambience on your wards. • rt in healthcare can provide A psychological, physiological and biological benefits to the patient and reduce anxiety and depression, especially in preoperative stages. Using art in healthcare...

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Options & Accessories When are Privacy & Dignity KwickScreens® used? KwickScreen® Products: White opaque screens help provide single sex accommodation in mixed wards. Portable screens can be used flexibly to segregate areas in a ward and provide private and dignified spaces. Retractable Screen Divider Body, Fixed Unit Retractable Screen Divider Body, Freestanding Unit When are Infection Isolation KwickScreens used? ® Transparent screens help facilitate cohort nursing by preventing traffic between bed-spaces. This frees-up side rooms, patient movement is reduced and hand-hygiene compliance...

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Patient Seating Recliners Ward Furniture Dining Tables Reception call: +44 (0)1254 688210 or visit: Teal Healthcare USA 1630 Holland Road, Ohio 43537 UK Branch Road, Lower Darwen, Lancashire BB3 0PR Tel: +44 (0)1254 688210 Fax: +44 (0)1254 688203 Web: Email:

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