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Cell Culture System Biological Stirrers and Culture Vessels The cell culture system from Techne® offers the ideal environment for the growth of suspension cells. The combination of the magnetic stirrer and the glass culture vessels ensures excellent growth conditions and high cell viability Page 56 Biological stirrers Page 57 Cell culture vessels Find out more! Techne Catalogue Please scan the QR/Mobile Tag with your smartphone for more information Page 55

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Cell Culture System - 2

Cell Culture System MCS-101L Biological Stirrers The stirrers are designed for optimal suspension cell culture and the use of microcarriers. A system comprises of a stirrer platform and a number of glass culture vessels. • Five stirrer platform sizes are available, along with 4 sizes of culture vessel • Speed range from 0 to 80rpm • Softstart/stop for slow acceleration and deceleration • Interval setting option • Stainless steel stirrer platform with locators for the culture vessels • Designed for incubator environments up to 40°C and 95% humidity Unique stirring action The culture vessels...

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Cell Culture System - 3

Cell Culture System Biological Stirrers Technical Specification_ Speed range Speed setting accuracy Softstart speed control Interval stirring Variable on-time Variable off-time Limited operating conditions Nominal power consumption 40°C and 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) Unique Stirring Action Technical Specification Unique to each model Maximum vessels size (ml) Net weight, excluding vessels, kg Maximum vessels size (ml) Net weight, excluding vessels, kg Ordering Information Product codes Techne Catalogue

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Cell Culture System - 4

The culture vessels can be sealed for use with pathogenic materials. The stirrer rod design eliminates rotating bearings within the culture vessels, avoiding the difficulties arising from attempts to clean and autoclave conventional vessels. The stirring system uses Pyrex® borosilicate glass culture vessels and stirrer rods which are siliconised to reduce the possibility of cells attaching to and growing on the surfaces. Vessels are available with nominal working volumes of 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre. Note that you must order culture vessels to suit your needs; they are not supplied with...

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