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The Techne8 Flow Coolers work in conjunction with a Techne8 thermoregulator. The bath liquid flows through the unit which continually extracts heat from the bath fluid by means of the heat exchanger which is built into the unit. The cooling head of the Techne8 Dip Cooler fits neatly and unobtrusively into the corner of the bath and can be secured with a specially designed mounting bracket (supplied). If cooling can be achieved by using cold tap water, a dip cooler is recommended as it conserves water and is easier and more convenient Techne8 Dip and Flow coolers are designed for use when temperatures down to • Four models • Compact refrigeration units for achieving temperatures down to -35°C* • Cooling head of the Dip Cooler fits neatly into the corner of a Techne8 liquid bath (RU series of Dip Coolers) • Designed for use with Techne liquid baths Technical Specification Nominal dimensions Coil dimensions (mm) length - - 85 85 Hose length to coil (mm) - - 1250 1250 *At an ambient of 20°C, using a mixture of 40% water, 40% antifreeze and 20% ethanol Ordering Information Product Code Description

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