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Upgradable software Touchscreen Interface Gradient cycling Networkable thermal cyclers Full-size thermal cyclers Mid-sized thermal cyclers Personal thermal cyclers Techne® Prime Thermal Cycler Range

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Thermal Cycling at a Glance Techne® have upgraded our established thermal cycler range to provide easier programming and increased instrument flexibility. The Prime range has been designed to enhance the user experience with an outstanding touch interface and identical software for all models. The new range provides high performance, exceptional value and a reliability backed by the market leading 4 year warranty. Personal Cycler Model Mid-sized Cycler Block formats Temperature accuracy* Temperature uniformity* Program Interface touch screen touch screen touch screen Networking capability...

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Prime thermal cycle Brochure - 3

Full-sized Cycler Network Connectivity Prime Elite Prime Elite Satellite Programmable via Prime Elite touch screen touch screen touch screen Techne ® videos now on Youtube! For more information please visit

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The Techne® Prime Range Techne® has developed a comprehensive new range of thermal cyclers around its belief that all users deserve PCR without compromise. philosophy has focused on delivering an enhanced user experience on all models. • Total reliability with 4 year warranty • Touchscreen interface on all models • High performance cycling block • USB software upgrade and program transfer • Unique gradient upgrade function • Exceptional value for money Format and Throughput Flexibility Enhanced thermal engine Personal, mid-sized and full size block models The Prime range is controlled by a...

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Prime thermal cycle Brochure - 5

Touchscreen User Interface The Prime series comes with our outstanding touch premium experience on all instruments in the range. Whether you process a few samples a week or require a network of instruments for high throughput, the interface offers the same look and feel no matter the task. Techne® Workbench Software Easily manage your program files A welcome addition to the Techne® instrument range, the PC application Techne Workbench is the desktop version of the ® Techne® touch screen interface. Carrying the same look and feel, Techne Workbench is your one-stop place for all the PCR...

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Prime thermal cycle Brochure - 6

The most feature packed personal thermal cycler on the market and the only entry-level cycler to offer programming via a touch interface. With rapid ramp rates and a small footprint it is the ideal instrument for researching and teaching laboratories. Maximum heating rate Block temperature range Gradient is standard on PrimeG and can be upgraded on the 3PrimeX Gradient Range Maximum Gradient Minimum Gradient Gradient calculator Selectable heated lid temperature Adjustable, dependent on consumables Program interface 3.5” VGA colour touchscreen with 3.5” VGA colour touchscreen with graphical...

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Prime thermal cycle Brochure - 7

These mid-sized cyclers match all the features of the 3Prime instrument alongside expanded sample capacity and gradient cycling capability. Gradient upgradability PrimeX units can be upgraded to achieve gradient capability. The gradient function can be enabled at any time with a simple unlock code without the need for any hardware modifications. Ordering Information Description Product Code Prime thermal cycler, 24 x 0.2ml Prime thermal cycler, 18 x 0.5ml PrimeX thermal cycler, 48 x 0.2ml PrimeX thermal cycler, 30 x 0.5ml PrimeX gradient upgrade PrimeG gradient thermal cycler, 48 x 0.2ml...

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Prime thermal cycle Brochure - 8

Prime The Prime instrument is a full sized model that will become your reliable laboratory partner for routine PCR. • Fast ramp rate of up to 3.4ºC/sec • A wide range of blocks available including Combi-Block options • A USB port enables the transfer of programs between instruments and temperature logs to your PC • Gradient cycling is available directly using the PrimeG instrument or by upgrading the Prime unit Sample capacity: 384 well Maximum heating rate Block temperature range Maximum Gradient Minimum Gradient Selectable heated lid temperature Adjustable, dependent on consumables...

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Prime thermal cycle Brochure - 9

The Techne® Prime Combi-Block Techne have developed a new Combi-block for the Prime range of thermal cyclers. This provides unrivalled flexibility with ability to accommodate 33 x 0.2ml tubes and 33 x 0.5ml tubes , in 6 rows and 11 columns. Prime Combi-Block cyclers are available with or without a temperature gradient, which is upgradable later. • Flexible 0.2ml and 0.5ml • Gradient capability • Total reliability • Exceptional value for money 0.5ml tubes Gradient upgradability Prime units can be upgraded to achieve gradient capability. The gradient function can be enabled at any time...

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Prime thermal cycle Brochure - 10

Prime Elite Clever communications Prime Elite is the new high-performance networkable Each Prime Elite thermal cycler can control up to 3 thermal cycler from Techne . Equipped as standard satellites via rear facing USB ports. Alternatively, Prime with all the latest features including a large 5.7” colour Elite Satellites can be controlled independently via touchscreen, fast ramp rates, an innovative front-loading a PC. Cables and software are provided as standard. PCR plate drawer, automatic non-motorised heated lid, Prime Elite also contains a front-facing USB port which TERS™ thermal...

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Techne® Workbench PC software provides the ability • Latest 5.7” colour touchscreen provides optimal to connect up to 4 Prime Elite Satellite thermal cyclers to one PC, eliminating the need to program each • Well-designed intuitive software allows fast and thermal cycler independently. The intuitive on-screen layout means creating and storing programs could not • Three block options are available 96 x 0.2ml, 60 x be simpler. The Workbench status screen shows the current position of any protocol, the time remaining to completion and real-time temperature countdown for each cycler connected....

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Prime thermal cycle Brochure - 12

Contact Bibby Scientific - UK (Group HQ) Beacon Road, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 0SA, United Kingdom T: +44 (0)1785 812121 F: +44 (0)1785 813748 E: Bibby Scientific France Bâtiment le Deltaparc PN II, 7 rue du canal BP 55437 Villepinte, 95944 ROISSY Cdg T: 00 33 (0) 1 48 63 78 00 E: Bibby Scientific - US 3 Terri Lane, Suite 10, Burlington, NJ 08016, USA T: +1 609 589 2560 F: +1 609 589 2571 E: Bibby Scientific - Middle East PO Box 27842 Engomi 2433 Nicosia, Cyprus T: +357 22 660 423 F: +357 22 660 424 E:...

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