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Sample Cooling NºICE and BLºCKICE Techne® has developed two solutions to eliminate the use of ice for sample cooling. Incubations can be run all day at sub–ambient temperatures whilst avoiding any risk of sample damage caused when tubes are left floating in melt water or accidently thrown away with the ice. The NºICE unit can accommodate any sized sample tube due to its novel bead technology, whilst the BLºCKICE holds two interchangeable Dri-Block® inserts. Both units can cool samples down to 0°C. Page 26 NºICE Sample Cooling Page 27 BLºCKICE Sample Cooling Find out more! Techne Catalogue Please scan the QR/Mobile Tag with your smartphone for more information Page 25

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NºICE Key features Sample Cooling • NºICE is ideal for incubating any number or size of sample tube at sub-ambient temperatures for extended periods of time. The ceramic-coated beads maintain the temperature and support the tube for as long as required, avoiding the common situation of tubes being left floating in melting wet ice. Unit supplied complete with bucket and beads • Ideal for maintaining reagents at 4°C for the whole working laboratory day • Temperature range of 0 to 40°C • Temperature displayed in °C or °F • Autoclavable ceramic-coated beads The beads are chemically resistant...

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BLºCKICE Key features Sample Cooling • Temperature range of 0 to 40°C • Count up and count down timer • Temperature displayed in °C or °F • Buzzer indicates reaching the set temperature and the end of the elapsed time • Holds 2 aluminium insert blocks The BLoCKICE incorporates peltier technology to deliver a rapid cool down time and ensure the unit is quickly available for use. Ideal for incubating samples at sub-ambient temperatures, it holds two interchangeable blocks, from the Dri-Block® range, to allow flexibility of sample tube type. The integrated timer allows up to 9 days to be...

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