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Techne ® Dri-Block ® range

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Cool-touch surfaces Premium products at affordable prices Adjustable safety cut-out Twin control unit Techne® Dri-Block® rang

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Techne® Dri-Block® heaters at a glance Techne® have been manufacturing Dri-Block® heaters for almost 50 years. The 2014 model has some innovative new features and a modern new look. Techne® Dri-Block® heaters cover the temperature range from ambient +5°C to 100°C or 200°C (depending on model) using machined aluminium alloy Dri-Block® inserts as the heat transfer medium. Independent indicator lights indicate mains power, heater action and over-temperature cut-out. An On/Off switch is mounted on the rear panel, together with the mains connector and fuse holder. 230V Ordering Information Part...

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Electrical safety The Dri-Block® range has been designed to comply with RF interference and electrical safety regulations. Warranty Techne® Dri-Block® heaters have earned a strong reputation for reliability. All instruments are supplied with a 3 year warranty. The anodised aluminium Dri-Block® inserts are supplied with a 1 year warranty. Part number Model number Description

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Introducing the NEW Techne® Dri-Block® range Techne® Dri-Block® heaters have been providing a safe, dry, constant temperature source in the laboratory for 50 years. Now Techne® are proud to introduce the new, updated range offering market-leading choice, flexibility and specification. Techne® Dri-Block® heaters are a source of precision temperature control for general, routing applications and sensitive analytical procedures – particularly suited to microbiology and clinical laboratories. They are designed for precise heating of test-tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, cuvettes and microtitre...

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Digital Dri-Block® key features • Small, light and with a compact footprint; a flat top surface allows units to be stacked when in storage. • Can hold any combination of aluminium insert blocks, depending on the model chosen. • Digital models enable highly accurate temperature precision. • Temperature range from ambient + 5°C to 200°C depending on the model chosen. • Fast heat-up rate: 25°C to 100°C in 7-9 minutes, depending on the model chosen. • Advanced temperature control. Temperature stability at 37°C ± 0.1°C. • Outer casing is cool to the touch, even at maximum operating temperature....

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Techne® Aluminium blocks Manufactured from anodised aluminium, Techne® has the widest choice of interchangeable block inserts of any manufacturer. This allows Techne® Dri-Block® heaters to accommodate the widest variety of microtubes, test tubes, cups, plates, cuvettes and vials on the market, resulting in the most flexible Dri-Block® heater range available. Techne® DriBlock® inserts are either single-width to accommodate a wide variety of tubes and vials, double-width to accommodate microtitre and PCR plates or triple width to accommodate select consumables. Most blocks have a separate...

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Ordering Information Product Code Tube Diameter Thermometer hole Plain 6mm 10mm 12mm 13mm 15mm 16mm 25mm 1.5ml tubes (blue) 1.5ml tubes (red) None    No 6 (48mm deep, conical)    Yes Techne® Dri-Block® Aluminium block extraction tool

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Techne® Aluminium blocks For use with Techne® block heaters. Manufactured from anodised aluminium and all with a separate hole to accommodate a thermometer if desired. All blocks can be used in any combination. Ordering Information Product Code Tube Diameter    Number of Holes    Thermometer hole Block Size None    Yes 20 and 10 (38mm deep, conical) No 6 (48mm deep, conical)    Yes 6 (48mm deep, conical)    Yes 20 (35mm deep, tapered)    Yes 30 (27mm deep, tapered)    Yes None    No 20 (35mm deep, conical)    Yes 72 (13.8mm deep, tapered)    Yes 1 sample cup, flat    Yes 384 (7mm deep,...

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Bespoke Aluminium blocks In some cases it is possible to manufacture a bespoke aluminium block. If this service is required, please contact Techne for more details. Also available (not pictured) Product Code Tube Diameter Thermometer hole F3512    Plain (triple width) 8 (48mm deep, conical)    Yes 96 (round wells)    Yes 96 (flat wells)    Yes 96 (17.3mm deep, tapered)    Yes 5 (48mm deep, conical)    Yes Flat perimeter ridge    Yes 5 (48mm deep, conical)    Yes 2 (45mm deep, flat)    Yes 8 (48mm deep, conical)    Yes Techne® Dri-Block® Aluminium block extraction tool

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DB-2A • Small, light and compact footprint, economical price • Can hold up to 2 aluminium insert blocks or one 96-well plate block • Temperature setting is by a calibrated dial • Temperature range from ambient to 100°C • Fast heat-up rate: 30°C to 100°C in just 12 minutes • Temperature stability at 40°C: ± 0.05°C DB-3 • The DB-3 is designed to hold up to 3 aluminium insert blocks or one 96-well plate block • Temperature setting is by a calibrated dial • Temperature range from ambient to 100°C • Fast heat-up rate: 30°C to 100°C in just 18 minutes • Temperature stability at 40°C: ± 0.05°C...

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A sample concentrator is a fast and convenient way of concentrating multiple samples in a block heater at once. Utilising a simple gas delivery system the sample concentrator passes an inert gas over the surface of your samples via stainless steel needles. This in combination with the heat from a 3-block Techne® Dri-Block® heater (ordered seperately) produces ideal conditions for fast efficient evaporation. Compact The unit is light and compact enough for convenient use in a fume cupboard when toxic solvents are being evaporated. Needles The needles are made from high quality stainless...

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