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Baths anoThermoregulatj Unheated Baths Designed to be used with a clip-on Tempette or Tempunit8 thermoregulator, these baths incorporate carrying handles for added safety. All baths have stoved enameled steel outer cases and are supplied with bridge mounting plate Four bath capacities - • Stainless steel construction • Seam-free and corrosion resistant stainless steel inners for easy cleaning • Rugged splash-proof case • Integrated carrying handle • Maximum working temperature of 200°C • All models come with a 3 year warranty as standard • Welded construction • All submerged parts are made from stainless steel • Rugged splash-proof case • Maximum working temperature of 200°C Technical Specifactions Top of bath to liquid level Working depth - Working capacity - For temperatures up to 250°C we recommend the use of the LCB range of baths. Ordering Information Product Code Description FBATH08 B-8 stainless steel bath, 8 litre capacity FBATH 12 B-12 stainless steel bath, 12 litre capacity FBATH 18 B-18 stainless steel bath, 18 litre capacity FBATH26 B-26 stainless steel bath, 26 litre capacity FBATH48 B-48 stainless steel bath, 48 litre capacity Techne - Equipment for the Life Sciences

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