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Maximise sport performance

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PLATE LOADED RAcks, PLATfORMs AND BENchEs Olympic Power Rack

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Wide Chest Press Rear Kick Incline Chest Press Chest Press Shoulder Press FREE WEIGHTS AND ACCESSORIES Olympic Half Rack Lower Back Bench Olympic Military Bench Adjustable Bench Scott Bench Olympic Flat Bench Olympic Incline Bench Olympic Decline Bench Adjustable Decline/Ab Crunch

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Maximise sport performance Our complete PURE range of equipment reflects over 30 years spent matching human aspirations with the best form of strength training to reach the highest level of sport performance. Champions train with Technogym Technogym’s quality and reliability has won us 6 successive appointments as Official Fitness Equipment Supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our participation in the Olympic Games is a testing ground and an opportunity to get the most valuable feedback, that of the athletes, thus allowing us to constantly improve our solutions. This is the reason...

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MAIN SPORTING EVENTS • America’s cup • South Africa 2010 World Cup • Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games • Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011 • Universiade Kazan 2013 • Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 • Brazil 2014 World Cup MAIN SPORTS AND TEAMS OFFICIAL SUPPLIER LUNA ROSSA Milan Internazionale Juventus Luna Rossa

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Because no athlete is the same Over three decades of extensive research in science and movement have enabled us to develop the most advanced solutions in terms of biomechanics, ergonomics and durability. Whether you manage a sports team or run a sports club, we have the experience and the solutions to provide you with everything you need to develop personalised training programmes for every athlete and every performance. ATHLETIC SPORT PERFORMANCE PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR ARMED FORCES 7

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stronger, safer, tougher We’ve spent years helping Olympic athletes get fitter and better. Our experience in the study and creation of the safest, best designed and best performing strength solutions to maximise potential is the most important commitment we can make to you and your members.

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152.30 Biomechanical research EMG analysis Kinematic analysis Ergonomic analysis Mathematical modelling

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Maximum muscle activation Always committed to research and innovation, Technogym works with prestigious partners from the worlds of science and academia to achieve maximum muscle activation and force output by applying the most advanced biomechanical principles. BEST MOVEMENT TRAJECTORY We test the largest number of exercise patterns carrying out accurate and detailed analysis to determine which best accommodates the body’s natural movement for each major muscle group, protecting joints whilst maximising muscle recruitment. BEST WORKLOAD DISTRIBUTION Normalized required User force (N) We...

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Ergonomic design ERGONOMIC STUDY CONDUCTED ON PURE BICEPS The curved ergonomic chest pad on the PURE Biceps accommodates the thorax profile and improves posture during the arm curl exercise. kinematic analysis and inclinometers were applied to measure shoulder protraction and thoracic kyphosis in 15 subjects performing an arm curl exercise using a classic flat pad and the same measurements were repeated after replacing the flat pad with the new ergonomic one. RESULTS: compared to the standard flat pad, the new ergonomic pad decreased significantly (p < 10-3) both shoulder protraction (of...

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Maximum comfort and ease-of-use Our equipment sports unique design features to provide the best training experience in total safety and comfort, enabling your members to achieve their most effective performances. EASY ADJUSTMENTS Yellow flags guide the correct positioning of the body on the equipment to achieve maximum training effectiveness. Once users have found their ideal setting on one machine, the setting number stays the same on all PURE equipment. Visual flags ADDED COMFORT AND STABILITY To provide better comfort we use a special high-density padding that adapts to the shape of the...

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Machines designed to last In our labs we carry out more than 188 tests on PURE for a total of 54,262,581 cycles. We stress the products well beyond the normal usage to ensure maximum durability and reliability. 100% TESTED AND APPROVED Technogym equipment undergoes the following tests: • Experimental analysis of loads / deformation • Kinematic and Dynamic mathematical modelling • Numerical simulation to verify tensile stress / deformity • conformity Test • Endurance / life stress testing • shock / Impact / Impulsive release test • Test on adjustments, slidings, wear • specific test on...

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safer workouts PURE Plate Loaded and Racks feature Nfc and QR code technologies that help you create integrated workout programmes for your members, ensuring exercise variety and safety. EASY LOG IN Members can access online programme guidance by scanning the QR code on the equipment or by holding their Nfc enabled mobile phone close to the equipment. QR code INTEGRATED WORKOUTS By downloading the mywellness app, members can view single exercise videos online, check their training programmes or add exercises manually and keep track of all activities. PERSONALISED TRAINING PROGRAMMES You can...

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Plate Loaded PURE is the essence of strength training that combines performance and ergonomic principles enabling advanced strength training objectives in complete safety whilst enjoying a challenging experience with the freedom and feel of free weights. • Linear Leg Press • Leg Press • Leg Extension • standing Leg curl • Rear Kick • calf • chest Press • Incline chest Press • Wide chest Press • Pulldown • Low Row • Row • seated Dip • Biceps • shoulder Press • Holder set

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• This Machine replicates the same muscle pattern of squat movement, with a constant load profile. • Backrest adjustment in 4 positions 25°-30°-35°-40°. • central handle to facilitate the access to the machine. • Range of motion limitation in flexion in 5 positions. • Prestart lever to ensure safety. Machine Weight: MUSCLES: • Gluteus • hamstrin

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