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DIATECH - DIAMAGNETIC THERAPY Powerful, Safe, Effective and Easy to Use. The Diamagnetic therapy is not a simple physiotherapy treatment but a real rehabilitation program. Diatech uses a particular combination of hyper-pulsed electromagnetic field and radiofrequencies. The goal is to stimulate cell metabolism, promote tissue repair and accelerate healing without side effects. The extraordmar effects of DIATECH To abtain: Cellular energy, Oxigen availability. Fluid viscosity. WHY IS IT CALLED DIAMAGNETIC THERAPY? The word "diamagnetic"originated from diamagnetism, which refers to the specific repelling magnetic property that some material own. Among first: body water. Water substance, whenever are energized by an intense magnetic field (that specific kind of Diatech), are forcibly moved away from the very source that the magnetic field is emitted. Why this is important? The body is made up of 70% of water. By using Diamagnetic therapy, it's pulsed from action is effectively delivered on membrane mechanism, oedemas re-absorbed, inflammation is contained, damaged tissue is repaired, lymphatic drainage is achieved^ The measured magnetic energy, emitted by A DIATECH reaches Orthopedic and traumatology Skeletal, traumatic and degenerative injuries, fo fractures. Sport Animal Medicine Groin pain, tendonitis, contractures and muscle strains and tear, sprains and bruises. Rheumatology Rheumatic and inflammatory diseases. by choosing DIATECH Technological Innovation. Diatech is the only one that uses diamagnetic technology Shorter application time and quicker recovery time Easy to use and the effect of the treatment are immediate and visible from the first application Non invasive tratment and painless, no need to shave the area to be treated

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^ Diatech is a fomidable alternative fentional therapies and to the common high-intensity magnetotherapy Especially for horses... We can cure: Tendon and ligament injury Sore backs, shoulders/stifles Chronic hock soreness ^ Non-union fractures Laminitis ^^Increase range of motion Stone bruises . Arthriis

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