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Shockwave therapy applied Diamagnetism The advantages of a Diamagnetic generator The DSW Vet system represent an autentic innovation in the shockwave field that combined therapeutic safety and efficiency with the possibility to active interaction between the generator and the tissue being treated. The DWS Vet is the first shockwave generator with Diamagnetic technology. Completely painless! The patient should not be sedated to perform the treatment Medical effects Diamagnetic shokwave therapy is one of the most effective methods for treating musculoskeletal disease. By the penetration of the waves deep into the body, with adequately selected procedure parameters, the therapy is effective in pathological processes located in both superficial and deeper tissues. p Half wave with positive pressure Half wave with negative pressure A shockwave is an acous�c pulse of brief dura�on generated by a rapid rise in pressure to a very high level known as peak pressure that subsequently descends to ini�al values in a nega�ve pressure phase. WHY CHOOSE US? The DSW Vet system produces a shock wave created The DSW Vet system permit a wide extention of shockwave by interaction of the electromagnetic coil’s field flow the interaction of the three oerative mode below: alloy. The lens undergoes a sharp acceleration that DRENAGE - STIMULATION - DISGREGATION generate an acoustic pulse that lasts for approximate- The possibility to manually adjust the wave front allows the ly 0.1 microsecond. This typer of shock wave is know output of a specific pulse modulation depending on the disease, its location, intensity and the degree of energy A shockwave’s therapeutic effectiveness depends on the mechanical loads produced by the positive half wave on the acoustic interface of the biological tissue ( of variable density) and the cavitation forces induced by the negative half wave: . Reduction of local inflammation . Formation of new blood vessel . Reactivation of repair processes . Restoration of articular mobility application to treat chronic and acute pathologies though and an acostic lens made from a highly diamagnetic Therapeutic Effects absorption by the biological tissued targeted by therapy. Pulse adaptation. The DSW Vet system permits the modification of the space-time profile of the pulses emitted as required by the anatomopathological lesion and the acoustic impedance characteristics of the tissue

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Most frequent medical indication Small animals: Insertional and non insertional Desmitis Tendonitis Sesamoiditis Stress fractures Navicular syndrome Periostitis Large animals: Arthritis-Osteoarthritis Tendonitis Hip Displasia Pseudo arthritis Muscle contractures Diseases of the vertebral spinal processes DIAMAGNETIC SHOCK WAVE Revolutionary therapy

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