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DGM - Digital Ready IVC - 1

Patented • Patented Design • Patented radial cage sealing means no need for latches: the best ergonomics with maximum protection • Limited air speed for stress and anxiety-free animals: maximized animal welfare • Great visibility and easy access to the cage: quick daily check and cage change procedures • Prearranged for the coming digital revolution

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DGM - Digital Ready IVC - 2

The Sealsafe® PLUS range of IVC products features a PATENTED cage design, consisting of a soft silicone gasket that protrudes radially all around the cage base rim: a perfect sealing is simply achieved by placing the top on the cage body, through the radial interference between gasket and cage top. Consequently, the vertical compression (commonly provided by the use of latches) of the silicone gasket between cage base and top is not required: • no latches for the best ergonomics • no need for latches to achieve excellent containment and high protection 1/ Protection for Operators and...

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DGM - Digital Ready IVC - 3

TECHNICAL SHEET GM500 cage Floor Area: 501 cm2 • 77.66 sq inch Overall Dimensions (W x D x H): 391 x 199 x 160 (172*) mm • 15.40 x 7.83 x 6.30 (6.79*) inch *With water bottle Latches-free cage Plastic Type: H-TEMP (Polysulfone) / Clear H-TEMP: 3 years warranty X-TEMP (Polyphenilsulfone): 8 years warranty Patented Cage Body: Radial silicon gasket (occlusive seal); Simmetric (no back no front) Lid: Half wire bar lid style Wrong Position Right Position Automatic Visual Docking Indicator • Multilinking: one AHU serves up to four racks. • Safe for animals/operators/ environment. Top: Filter...

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DGM - Digital Ready IVC - 4

Options For Cage: • Cage body with grommet, for auto watering • “Unihand” Cage body (button free in the front) for single hand procedures • “Unihand” Cage body with grommet, for auto watering • Full length wire bar lid with food hopper and bottle in the front, internal bottle • Full length wire bar lid with external bottle in the front and food hopper in the back • Flat top without bottle indentation, for auto watering • Top with depression for disposable water pouches • Vertical or Horizontal flip up plastic card holder • Raised floor grid Related Products To maximise operational...

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