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TS 200 High-performance professional electrostatic sprayer The TS 200 electrostatic sprayer is a machine that enables a professional, efficient and reliable disinfection of all kinds of spaces. The versatility and easy-handling make the TS 200 machine perfect to undertake tasks in the various spaces in all kinds of facility, no matter the size, for a same-day disinfection. CHARACTERISTICS • High-impact polymer frame • Oil-free compressor • Case with wheels • Extendable handle • Easy-to-us • Lightweight for everyday use • Very practical and easy to transport • Uniform coating • Silent running Weight incl. packaging Electrical specifications Length of the dual-tube hose Flow speed Length of power cable MADE IN SPAIN QUALITY PRODUCTS Complies with EC regulations Using the very latest technology We will be in touch quickly and efficiently Droplet size Tank capacity WTCZ. C/ María Zambrano nº31, Torre Oeste, planta 15. 50018 Zaragoza (Spain) (+34) 91 060 71 00 • info@tecnostatic.

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THE ALL-ENCOMPASSING ELECTROSTATIC TECHNOLOGY OF THE TS 200 The disinfectant solution for spaces and utensils for all sectors and industries The TS 200 works through electrostatic spraying, avantgarde technology patented by TecnoStatic. The "all-encompassing" nature of this machine provides a 360º disinfection, enabling savings in disinfectant solution, time and labour. The TS 200 provides greater cleanliness than any conventional system out there, as it reaches every last nook and cranny, coating the surface of any object present. Spraying is uniform and precise, covering even the least...

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