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TS ME - 1

TS ME High Performance Professional Electrostatic Sprayer Backpack The TS ME electrostatic sprayer is a portable equipment autonomous with batteries that allows to disinfect all types of spaces in a professional, efficient and profitable way. Very functional backpack that allows the user to perform services without the need for an electrical connection. Its great manoeuvrability makes the TS ME ideal for carrying out work in different spaces of all types of installations, whatever their size. It is fast, effective and offers great coverage. CHARACTERISTICS • High impact polymer structure shell • Lithium battery lasts 3 hours of autonomy • Stainless steel connectors • Support belt • 1.2 m hose • Lightweight for daily use • Very practical and comfortable to transport • Uniform coverage • Silent • Digital battery reader • Separate starter connector Dimensions 43.2 x 37.1 x 18.5 cm Net weight 9,9Kg Weight with packaging 11.4 Kg Gun batteries 2 un. of 9V Flow rate Longitud de la Up to 90/110 ml/min MADE IN SPAIN Complies with CE MAXIMUM QUALITY Incorporates the latest technology TECHNICAL SERVICE 24/48 HOURS We will be in touch quickly and efficiently Drop size 40 microns Tank capacity 2.5 Lts WTCZ. C/ María Zambrano nº31, Torre Oeste, planta 15. 50018 Zaragoza (Spain) (+34) 876 771 405 o Madrid (+34) 91 060 71 00 •

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TS ME - 2

TS ME The disinfectant solution for spaces and utensils for all sectors and industries The TS ME works through electrostatic spraying, avant-garde technology patented by TecnoStatic. The "all-encompassing" nature of this machine provides a 360º disinfection, enabling savings in disinfectant solution, time and labour. The electrostatic spraying works by applying an electric charge to the disinfectant liquid. When these liquids are sprayed, the droplets are attracted to the surfaces which have the opposite electric charge, adhering to these surfaces exactly and uniformly. The TS ME provides...

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