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CURING LAMP TECHNICAL DATA MOON evolution Class-I medical device according to 93/42/EEC Directive Class-II type-B equipment according to CEI EN 60601-1 Standard Light source: Single high-power LED (class-II source according to CEI EN 62471) Light wavelength: Maximum emission power: 3200 mW/cm2 (with Ø5 mm optical fibre) Maximum curable thickness per single cycle: Power supply: Thermal protection: Automatic in case of overheating 225 mm (including optical fibre) Connector: Lenght of silicone hose: Standard conformity: Guarantee: 120 g. Modified 4-hole connection 1,6 m CEI EN 60601-1; CEI EN 60601-1-2; European Directives 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC; IP20 2 years MOON evolution LAMPS / Cat.075UK/2011 Handpiece weight: TeKne Dental srl • Via del Pescinale, 77 • 50041 Calenzano (FI) • Italy Tel. +39 055 8825741 • Fax +39 055 8825764 • info@

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MOON evolution powerful and flexible Extremely precise and reliable, MOON evolution is the most powerful and flexible curing lamp on the dental market, with programmes and accessories for every possible need. Lamp has been effectively designed and tested for use with all photopolymerizable dental materials (composites, polymer compounds, adhesives, cement). Ergonomic and articulated, the intrument can be used in straight or angular position. The new light emission cycles have been improved and optimized according to clinical recommendations which focus on the aspects of supplied energy in...

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