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TECHNICAL DATA Product: REF 600.00 (without light) REF 602.00 (with light) Rotation speed: REF 224.40 (4-hole connection) REF 224.52 (rapid connection) E-type internal E-type internal Maximum torque: Spray system: Thanks to its improved rotor and rotation chamber, which is coated with special hard material, micromotor now features higher power and reliability yet keeping smooth and quiet running. Its greater performance allows torque to keep extremely high and stable in the whole speed range, even under sustained load. Micromotor has got internal spray system which ts any E-type contra-angle or straight handpiece. Micromotor is available with standard 4-hole connection or rapid connection (Multiex®-compatible). Multiex® is a registered trademark of Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH, Germany. Light source: Maximum air consumption: Weight: Standard conformity: Guarantee: Input voltage: Maximum current: Sizes: Standard conformity: Reference: Input pressure: Guarantee: The rapid connection, together with the GYROFLEX® rapid coupling, allows the instrument to turn freely and smoothly throughout 360 degrees. Graphic: simone@matteucci..it pneumatic micromotor Speed can be adjusted in both forward/reverse drive by means of the rotating nut. TeKne Dental srl • Via del Pescinale, 77 • 50041 Calenzano (FI) • Italy Tel. +39 055 8825741 • Fax +39 055 8825764 www.teknedental.it • info@ teknedental.it

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Micromotors - 2

With the new compact DUOPAD® control panel, it is now possible to easily install and control two instruments: the DEFINITIVE®LED electric micromotor and the TITANUS®E piezo-electric scaler (or another instrument). It is also possible to control two separate electric micromotors. The DUOPAD® control panel is meant to be easily xed to the existing dental Unit’s frame and can be directly connected to the BMC40 and/or TN250 electronic boards. Commands and information are exchanged and transmitted via the integrated RS232 serial port. Information on the status of the active instrument is clearly...

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