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Silicone Hoses

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SILICONE HOSES MUL TI -FUNCTION Range of straight silicone hoses with special Multi-function connection on Unit side. This special connection permits to manufacture dental units with easily detachable hoses. Four pneumatic ways and up to eleven electric ways are available on each Multi-function connection. Multi-function hoses are only available in grey colour. TECHNICAL DATA Available standard sheath colours: Black, Grey, Light grey,White, Brown (A-dec type) Standard length of silicone sheath: Standard length of inner tubings and wires: Standard sheath diameter: Internal tubings: Latex-free, phthalate-free, food-grade polyurethane tubings. Tubings are extruded in a controlled white chamber compliant to Class 7 according to ISO 14644-1 (equivalent to Class 10000 according to FED STD 209E). Used compound is suitable for food contact applications as it is compliant to European Directive 2002/72/EC (monomers and additives listed in Annex II and III) and FDA Standard (Food contact section). Optional water spray tubing: Extruded with 2% added antimicrobial additive which inhibits bacterial growth Cross-section of electric wires: Insulation voltage of electric wires: Maximum current on electric wires: Standard conformity: ISO 9168 (Type 1, 2 and 3), CEI EN 60601-1, European Directives 93/42/EEC (Class I) and 2007/47/EC Graphic: Maximum air pressure on inner tubings: VARIOUS VERSIONS FOR SUPPLY OF OVER 15 DENTAL INSTRUMENTS ARE AVAILABLE. Complete Multi-function silicone hose PNEUMATIC ELECTRIC The Multi-function coupling system allows easy and fast replacement of instruments’ hoses on both the dentist’s and assistant’s modules. Female Multi-function connector TeKne Dental srl • Via del Pescinale, 77 • 50041 Calenzano (FI) • Italy Tel. +39 055 8825741 • Fax +39 055 8825764 • info@

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ELECTRIC PNEUMA TIC Silicone hose for use with TITANUS®E scaler Wide range of pneumatic straight silicone hoses for turbines, air micromotors and scalers. The silicone sheath and the connectors can be easily and safely cleaned with any commercial cleansers. Nuts and sleeves are chrome-plated and specially satined so as to reduce uncomfortable surface glare. Sizes of the internal polyurethane tubings have been optimized to get the best performance of the attached instrument and minimize the kinking effect of sharp bends. Internal tubings are extruded in controlled environment without any...

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