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TELEMED Medical Systems Via E.Villoresi, 24 20143 Milano - Italy +39 348 3190513 +39 02 36594100 info@telemedultrasound.com www.telemedultrasound.com TELEMED ULTRASOUND ‐ OEM Color Doppler General MicrUs OEM beamformer is a functionally complete ultrasound scanner module. The beamformer has the following functions:  forms short delayed impulses of high voltage to get a focused ultrasound beam;  amplifies echo ‐ signals deflected by an object being tested;  focus while receiving;  multifocus support;  preamplifying, amplifying and filtration of echo‐signals;  detection of connected ultrasound transducer and passing its code to system;  transferring ultrasound data to personal computer. Transducer connectors Mechanical drawings Dimensions W x D x H, mm

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B B+B 4B B+M M B‐steer Trapezoid ‐ Virtual Convex Spatial Compound

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SDK ‐ Software Development Kit documentation/sample code (available by agreement) Ultrasound Keyboard SDK (available by agreement) SDK ‐ Software Development Kit TELEMED SDK is a high level programming library that allows fast development of ultrasound scanning software for TELEMED ultrasound systems. SDK contains setup package of redistributable files, programming documentation and samples with source code. Usgfw2 SDK can be used from different programming languages (native C++, Delphi, ...

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