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Wireless. Connected. Sensors. Temperature Intelligence™ Wireless, portable sensors for monitoring and controlling cold chain performance • Bluetooth® enabled temperature sensor Check temperature readings wirelessly from smartphone or tablet Single or multi-use with up to 12 month battery life Internal sensor and memory for 16,000 datapoints Wireless access through packing materials, containers, cold equipment and rooms Cloud sharing and storage Light, compact design to fit easily in packaging EDGE S-400 is an easy to use, practical and cost-effective solution for wireless temperature tracking. Small enough to fit into most any size and type of container, cooler or enclosure, it can be used to monitor cold chain performance for temperature-sensitive products without compromising the shipment packaging integrity since it can be read through the container walls. Adhesive backing makes placement simple and reliable. Download the free EDGEVue™ app from iTunes or Google Play Embedded sensors and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity provide temperature datalogging continuously through the product’s journey. Using the free EDGEVue™ app, temperature readings and geolocation data can be easily accessed and shared on demand with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. EDGEVue™ provides easy user access to establish customized parameters for each use of the EDGE S-400, including alarms, datalogging intervals, startup options, and time and temperature units. In addition, the temperature data from EDGE can automatically be accessed and uploaded to the cloud using the EDGEBridge™. Data can be transmitted to EDGECloud, which can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere through the EDGEVue Web app for viewing and reporting. Temptime Corp. 116 The American Road, Morris Plains, NJ 07950 9

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EDGE Wireless. Connected. Sensors. V. S Improving Global Health Temperature Intelligence™ Show current mission Sync mission with Cloud X Stop current mission Blink LED t0 identify module Read current temperature Use EDGEVue™ to setup datalogging profile and preferences EDGEVue™ automatically detects EDGE S-400 devices within Bluetooth range Uses smartphone/ tablet GPS to track routes with detailed information Connect to EDGE S-400 to monitor data on demand, anywhere along the delivery route Battery Battery: Li Manganese dioxide / Organic electrolyte, non-replaceable Battery Life: Up to 12...

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