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Cadence® Data Collection - 1

Blood Center Solutions Cadence® Data Collection System Optimize Data Management From Start to Finish A fully automated data management solution designed for hospitals and blood centers, Cadence facilitates business intelligence, timely troubleshooting and easy access to your procedural data. Now a software-based solution, Cadence can be used with the Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System, the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System, the Reveos® Automated Blood Processing System and devices connected to TOMEs (Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software). Cadence was designed to help you do more with your data. View business intelligence reports highlighting the information that is most important to your blood center. Reduce potential downtime of your devices with remote troubleshooting. Access your procedure data from anywhere—using your laptop at work, your tablet at home or your smartphone on the go.* Three Essential Data Processes, One System Collect Cadence is connected to collect data from your device on each procedure.** Transfer Post-procedure data is automatically transferred to Terumo BCT by way of a secure internet connection, eliminating the need to manually collect procedure data on-site. Analyze Terumo BCT performs detailed analysis of procedure data on an as-needed basis, resulting in faster troubleshooting and problem resolution in the event of an issue. *Not all services are available for all supported device data. ** ollected data does not contain any personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (for example, patient or donor-specific information), but is limited to C procedural data on

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Cadence® Data Collection - 2

Discover the Value and Simplicity Better Business Intelligence ■ Annotate select information to provide meaningful insights ■ Access your information from a wide range of mobile devices and web browsers, whenever and wherever you need it Enhanced Data Access ■ Working together with software such as Trima Accel® Procedure Summary (TAPS), Cadence always captures all procedure data Faster Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution ■ Cadence allows remote troubleshooting and eliminates the need for manual, on-site data collection to analyze issues ■ It also helps to quickly resolve system issues to...

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