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Reveos® - 1

Unlocking the Potential of Blood Reveos ® Automated Blood Processing System for the platelet-rich plasma process reveos system is available in select markets. the reveos system is not yet available for sale in the u.s.

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Reveos® - 2

Put automation to work for you The Reveos system improves lab efficiency, blood component quality and process control

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Reveos® - 3

The importance of automation Traditional, manual methods of whole blood processing introduce many challenges, making it harder to contend with: Regulatory requirements Process and product control ■■ Staffing issues ■■ Recording and tracking data ■■ ■■ The Reveos system solves problems The Reveos system was created by Terumo BCT to address these issues, greatly simplifying the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) process. With the touch of a button, you can automate and integrate the manual steps of whole blood processing and more easily meet the challenges every component

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Reveos® - 4

Smart labs seek smarter solutions automation is widespread 2002 Automation technologies not yet available

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Reveos® - 5

2012 Blood banks in 32 countries have adopted Terumo BCT’s automation technologies A clear path to automated blood processing While the prospect of automation may seem daunting, we have helped more than 100 customers around the world successfully upgrade their labs. And that number is growing rapidly. These blood centers are already experiencing the rewards of automation. And you could, too. Put our knowledge and expertise to work to improve your whole blood process.

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Reveos® - 6

The Reveos process: four units at a time

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Reveos® - 7

The Reveos system is straightforward and intuitive to operate. It automates and consolidates manual processing steps, including: ■■ Volume and platelet content determination Recording procedure and process data Plus, the system processes four units of whole blood at a time. Flexibility Use your Reveos system to produce red blood cells (RBCs), plasma and residual leukocytes (2C protocol) or to produce RBCs, plasma, platelets and residual leukocytes (3C protocol). The Reveos system consists of: ■■ The Reveos device A self-contained, automated system that processes up to four whole blood units...

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Reveos® - 8

Compare your process to the Reveos process manual process 2 16 Weigh platelet concentrate platelet concentrate 18 Therapeutic platelet dose 12 Seal and separate plasma 4 Express PRP from RBC concentrate 19 Enter data; store or additionally 5 Seal and separate PRP and RBC units 6 Leukoreduction of RBC units process products 13 Weigh plasma 14 Plasma units 15 Enter data; store or additionally process products 9 Enter data; store or additionally process products

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Reveos® - 9

process four units of blood at one time 1 Operate Reveos system 2 Leukoreduced plasma unit 3 Enter data; store or additionally process products 4 Interim platelet unit 5 Pool platelets 6 Therapeutic platelet dose 7 Enter data; store or additionally process products 8 Leukoreduction of RBC units 9 Seal RBC units 10 Leukoreduced RBC units ready for storage 11 Enter data; store or additionally process products

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Reveos® - 10

The advantages of the Reveos system look at what the reveos system can do Produce higher quality products The Reveos system delivers precision that improves both product output and product quality. Increase product consistency Automation reduces the variability caused by manual operations. The Reveos system offers a level of consistency that is not currently attainable with traditional manual processing steps. Improve throughput 1:4:1–One operator can run up to four Reveos systems at a time and process one unit of whole blood per minute. Reveos System Throughput Potential Number of Whole...

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Reveos® - 11

Obtain higher yields The Reveos system may help you improve yields in several ways: ■■ The process is automated and consistent, resulting in fewer mistakes, fewer discarded products and less waste The system is highly accurate, enabling operators to obtain a higher volume of components from the same volume of whole blood The system is flexible and may be customized to your center’s unique needs The Platelet Yield Index (PYI) is an exclusive, innovative feature that provides the operator a prediction of the platelet yield of the processed unit. The PYI value is represented on the display...

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Reveos® - 12

manage information with ease software solutions take your system further

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Reveos® - 13

Reveos System Manager (RSM) Impeccable data management does not have to take a lot of effort. RSM is a powerful, fully integrated information management application that helps you improve process control, regulatory compliance and management report capabilities. ■■ D ata transfer to your Reveos system allows you to customize your procedures, security settings and more Data transfer from your Reveos system allows you to generate valuable reports that ensure traceability and track processes, identifying areas for improvement Current challenges Allowing flexibility and scalability of...

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Reveos® - 14

technology that could pay for itself quantifying the reveos system benefits We believe that each investment you make in automated whole blood solutions should pay for itself over time. Working together, we can quantify the benefits of the Reveos system based on your lab and processes. We are here to help you make an informed decision about how to best produce consistent, high-quality products; streamline your business processes; and create value for you and your stakeholders. A return on your investment Like any capital investment, the Reveos system was designed to help you reduce costs and...

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Reveos® - 15

System Specifications device and Operating Environment Specifications Specification Type Operating temperature Storage temperature Pollution degree Installation category Rated voltage Rated input (typical) Rated input (maximum) Heat output Main power circuit breaker Characteristic C, Rated 16A, 30 mA RCCD (European Union) Power plug Adequate to dissipate 1.0 KW in normal operation Minimum clearance envelope (perimeter around the device) Minimum floor area needed for installation (D x W) Noise level Calculate what the Reveos system could do for you. Contact your Terumo BCT representative to

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