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Blood Center Solutions Trima Accel Procedure Summary (TAPS) For the Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System Quickly Access Procedure Data With On-Demand Reports Are you ready to save time and eliminate the potential for manual documentation errors on your apheresis procedures? The TAPS application automates documentation of Trima Accel procedure information, allowing you to spend more time with donors and less time writing down numbers. TAPS supports Trima Accel system versions 5.1, 6.0, 6.4 and 7.0. TAPS Summarizes Your Data for You Select your procedure date and device serial number(s). TAPS then quickly gathers the relevant Trima Accel procedure records. Records can be dynamically filtered by Operator and Donation ID; this allows you to pinpoint a precise list of procedures for review. TAPS produces a final PDF report containing the following information: ■ A complete End-of-Run Summary, including volumes, blood loss and verification messages Procedure selection information A full list of alerts, alarms and adjustments Any data from barcodes that were scanned into Trima Accel Customized report title, facility name and signature lines Contact your Terumo BCT sales representative to learn how TAPS can help automate your docume

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Report generation date: 16/09/18 Trima Accel Procedure Summary Identification Serial Number Procedure Date Start of run time Donor height Total blood volume Hemoglobin Procedural Total AC used End of run time Post platelet count Blood volume processed Solution addition start time Platelet Product Total volume of product Volume of AC in platelets Plasma Product Total volume of product RBC Product Total volume of product Volume of additive solution 1T09999 15/08/18 AC prime start time 2428 mL Packed RBC residual loss 06:26 PM Plasma residual loss 15 mL Volume of additive solution...

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Report generation date: 16/09/18 Trima Accel Procedure Summary Alerts, Adjustments, and Incidents Event Time Event Type Alert Status Line, Adjustment Type, or Incident Name Operator 05:20 PM Adjustment Return flow down -- Event Time Event Type Event Name or Action Barcodes, Info Events, Timer Events, and Operator Actions Recorded Data Operator Facility Identification Number: 9 - Donation Year: 18 Donation Serial Number: 12345 Flag Characters: 00 Barcode: Catalog Number Barcode: Tubing Set Barcode: Tubing Set Barcode: AC Barcode:...

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TERUMOBCT As a global leader in blood component, therapeutic apheresis and cellular technologies, we believe in the potential of blood to do even more for patients than it does today. This belief inspires our innovation and strengthens our collaboration with customers. UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL OF BLOOD | TERUMOBCT.COM Terumo BCT, Inc. 10811 West Collins Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80215-4440 USA USA Phone: 1.877.339.4228 Phone: +1.303.231.4357 Fax: +1.303.542.5215 Terumo BCT Europe N.V. Europe, Middle East and Africa Ikaroslaan 41 1930 Zaventem Belgium Phone: +32.2.715.0590 Fax: +32.2.721.0770...

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